Monday, December 09, 2013

The Perhapanauts Audio Comic~!


so, as some of you may know, a year or so ago i was approached by my good friend, elaine lee---yes, THAT elaine lee who, among many other things, created with michael kaluta that galaxy-spanning, spectacular space-opera, STARSTRUCK--to see if craig and i would be interested in having our little perhapanauts turned into a radio play by her pals at the AUDIOCOMICS Company.

we, of course, said yes.

i was introduced to elaine's fellow producers at audio comics, lance roger axt (voice artist and owner/director of lra voiceovers) and bill dufris (voice artist/featured audiobook narrator and editor) and, after some fun conversations over what form the production would take, i got to work on a script.

jump to this summer, where i and an amazing collection of talented people spent a lovely weekend in portland maine voicing and laying down background noise for the audio comic, hopefully giving bill enough for him to shape it all into a fast and frenetic--and hopefully enjoyable--audio adventure that everyone would want to hear.

over the past few months, while juggling an already busy schedule, bill has been able to sculpt what i think is a fantastic experience that your ears will not want to miss!

                     The Perhapanauts Audio Comic: "MONSTERS AMONG US!"
                                       or "Chimaera Wanna Tell Ya Something"
makes it's official debut this Sunday, December 15th on iTunes, Amazon, and, of course, on the AudioComics website!

for the rest of this week i'll be posting some pictures and bios of the very talented actors from the cast, giving you the 411 on who played whom and alla that.

here is craig's artwork for the production, which will appear on the cd and download.
stay tuned!

smell ya later~


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