Tuesday, May 16, 2006

guy's haps

sorry to make y'all wait so long--
i'd intended to post this saturday, but came down with a lousy cold and was busy just keeping myself upright and moving forward. better now.

and so where were we...? oh, yeah. craig posted kevin nowlan's beautiful perhapanauts piece over on his've come to the last of our pin-up parade.

and here it is, ladies, gentlemen, haps fans far and wide, i give you

guy davis!

i'm sure i don't have to read you guy's list of credits, but i'll tell you that i've loved his stuff since way back!
his run on sandman mystery theater alone would be enough as he masterfully brought 1930's new york to life in every issue, never skimping on detail or flavor, he sucked me into that world as no one else could! so too the klunky, wonky steam-punky world of the nevermen! his own marquis is an unsettling tale of dark deeds in darker times and his current work on the b.p.r.d. is what brings me back to that book month after month!
so i hope you can see that i'm a big guy davis fan!
but not as big a craig...
we actually fought over this, over who liked him more.
i said it was me and that was final...and then craig beat the snot outta me.
so craig's the bigger fan.
(y'happy now, ya big baby?)

anyway, craig and guy 'e' each other now and then and i've never even spoken to him, but thanks guy!
love whatcha did with our haps!

your #2 fan--

ps. oh, and because i'm an ass i forgot to mention (in the first draft) that rico colored this bad boy!
sorry rico.


Jason Copland said...

Wow! Mr. Davis outdid himself with this one. I love love love it!

Did he color it, too?

todd said...


i forgot to credit rico with the colors.

i'm goin' back in.