Tuesday, May 09, 2006

on with the show...


i said we were gonna showcase more of the incredible pin-ups that we (and rico) lined up for the trade and so here's another...

this one is by chris brunner. as with the one by david williams (a week or so ago...), this is another great rico get. rico and chris have worked together on a number of projects and, help me out here, rico--do you guys comprise the kickstand studios? i dunno. here's the loop. here's me.

we had wanted to include a sweet credits page in the trade to not only thank the guys who turned in such nice perhapa-pieces, but to also pimp 'em a little bit, list some credits and stuff like that. unfortunately we filled this baby so full of visual goodness that that page got squeezed out. here though, is what rico sent me for chris.

"Christopher Brunner worked on Batman Legends of the Dark Knight 172-176 and is currently working for Upper Deck, responsible for the design of their All Star Vinyl line."

check out that legends arch--you'll be glad you did! chris does a really nice batman and, in these times when the character has been totally lost in his own books (to me at least...) chris nailed the essence of the dark knight in body language alone. nice work!

and so here is chris's molly.
i have a soft spot for molly.
chris nailed that too.

thanks, chris!

thanks, everybody!
more in a day or two...


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