Sunday, May 07, 2006

scott weinstein and dreams come true


when i was a kid, waaaaay back when, i was fortunate enough to be sleeping over at a friend's house the night that saturday night live debuted. ordinarily, i wouldn't have stayed up to watch it, but because i was hangin' with kevin, we were instantly hooked. and continued to be for the next 5 years.
over the years, i've watched it pretty religiously, good times and bad, mostly for the comedy (especially when it was good), sometimes simply for nostalgiac reasons (which carried me through those...painful seasons). something about the show, to this day, evokes memories of that golden time when i was 13 years old--and belushi was god.

i met scott weinstein almost 10 years ago, introduced by a wonderfully funny girl i'd done a play with, when the two of them were interns on the show. overwhelmed by the fact that dani and i were getting to see a honest-to-god saturday night live dress rehearsal, i wasn't ready when mary ann raced up to me and excitedly (she was always excited, wasn't she scott?) shoved this wide-eyed guy at me telling me that his name was scott and he was a huge spider-man fan! we shook hands and talked a bit, but they had to rush off to get the show ready and i was still agog that i was actually in the building where all that magic had happened!
we lost touch.

here we are 10 years later and scott is still a huge spider-man fan and now a segment producer on the show! we got back in touch last year (thanks to scott!) and have not only become fast friends, but have begun working on a few writing projects together that i couldn't be more excited about! we have traded back and forth the typical books, cds, dvds, comics as we expand out common influences and introduce one another to stuff we might've missed.
plus, scott has been kind enough to score us some tickets to the show not once, but twice!
and i can't thank him enough.

last fall craig and i went down to nyc to see the eva longoria show and had an awesome time! it's amazing to watch the craft and coordination of the show's well-timed crew and scott showed us around the offices,, etc. afterwards. (we also got to go to the after-party which was cool 'cause we got to meet a lot of the writers who were more interested in our comics careers than in answering our questions about theirs...!) we had a great time!

last week, scott called me and told me that he could get tickets to last night's tom hanks show, would i wanna go? WOULD I WANNA GO?!?!? whadda you, kiddin?!? craig couldn't make it and my best mate and current boss (i guess) was practically drooling over the idea (i work with jeff doing carpentry sometimes and light construction), so i asked scott if i could bring him and he said sure!
we had a great time and with tom hanks, the red hot chili peppers as musical guests and the usual high energy of the cast, the show was a blast! the place was electric! i dunno how it looked at home, but we in the studio had a lotta fun!
thanks, scott! you da MAN!

i'll post more pin-ups tomorrow, but just wanted to jot down a little something while i'm still exhausted...


(i was looking for an image from last night's show, but i'm just not that good at tracking that stuff down...)


Brian said...

I know you said a lot, but all I heard was

"Eva friggin' Longoria"

craig rousseau said...

....yeah.... eva longoria...

sorry i missed it (stupid lucas' birthday), but i'm glad you guys had fun... and had a pretty good show to see...
rick! rick! rick! RIIIIIIIICK!!!!!!

although that "hey, ma!" sketch was WAYYYYY too long, not being funny to begin with...

todd said...

the "hey ma!" sketch was really funny to watch in the studio--how they coordinated the extras walking back and forth and kept rachel just flying into the cameras. but i watched it last night and, yeah, a bit long.
the skit that scott said killed in read through, but just didn't hit the audience right was the "powell and son" sanford and son thing. i thought keenan did an excellent redd foxx, but it just didn't go.
kaitlin was hilarious and yeah, brian...eva longoria was gorgeous!! : )

Jason Copland said...

This is one of the strongest casts SNL have had in a VERY long time. Amy Poehler is especially amazing.