Wednesday, July 05, 2006

back and beat...


got back from charlotte on monday.
fourth of july with my brother, dad, jake and sharon yesterday.
pick up my mac from the repair guy this morning.
and trying to write a blog before i fall asleep tonight...

charlotte, as always, was a blast! and twice as big a blast this year as the professionals came out to support shelton and the show in the wake of wizard's (crappy) attempt to squeeze him out! didn't get to hang and chat with everybody i'd hoped to see there, but had a great time with those i did and a hysterical time with my buds, craig and mike! (we were cracking up over--and annoying everyone else with--lines from the "little britan" dvd we watched upon arriving at mike's house on thursday. if you haven't seen the show--and like inane british humor, don't miss this!)
as usual in charlotte, we got to hang with mike's brother, matt, and sister-in-law, suzanne. i think the 5 of us came a lot closer to being thrown out of the very nice restaurant (harry & cheese) than we'd care to admit, laughing at our waiter who looked like jon heder and sounded like gary cole in 'office space'.

the show...was AWESOME! as i've said, it's one of the last true all-about-comics comics shows! the charlotte crowd is easily the friendliest, most hospitable bunch of people i will ever meet. familiar faces--and some new ones!--everyone was happy and excited to have us there! like coming home...

the response to the perhapanauts was...wonderful. inspiring. encouraging. thank you. thank you all!

rico was with us at the tables and had done a truly incredible job with our previously mentioned banners and postcards! he also had some way-cool booklets of his way-cool coloring that EVERYBODY was eager to get their hands on! many of the pages showcase rico's work with his kickstand kids partner and studiomate, chris brunner, but also features some pages by david williams, rick leonardi, frank cho, and casey jones.
oh, and craig rousseau!
if ya wanna check it out or get your hands on a copy, check out rico's stuff at .

and my friend, scott weinstein, came down to hang with us but was so totally overwhelmed with the whole heroescon experience that we saw very little of him, just an occassional appearance at the table, a huge smile on his face like a kid who's discovered some secret buried treasure, and then he'd be gone again! ha, scott! toldja!

unfortunately however, like mike over on his blog, i didn't get any pictures of the show at all. well, actually mike got one (of craig and me at his house before the show) and he put it up on his site, but, mike, i don't think that counts...

i do have pics from last year's show though and promise that i'll take pictures to share at the baltimore show in september. sleazy, incriminating pics...

mike, matt, and suzanne

craig and me in a camera showdown

me and megan (man, even standing next to a beautiful [super]girl can't make me look better...)

note: megan has been our assistant/intern/gofer at heroescon since she was, like, 10?
ah, how our little girl's grown up...

that's it for now--this got waaaaay longer than i'd planned...
more next time!



Brian said...

Hey Todd,

Glad to hear you guys had a great time and that the Perhapanauts were well received. I assume that the Choppie cards went like hot cakes.

Sounds like the show was a hugh hit. I heard that WW is again thinking of doing an Atlanta show about the same time, but I'm sure that word of how big this weekend was will convince them to concentrate on their existing shows instead. IMHO their time would be better spent improving what they have rather than try to squeeze out a far superior show.

Ok, now go get some rest.

P.S. That Megan makes a great Supergirl. Craig should use her as his model if he ever gets a chance to draw her.

Scott Weinstein said...

Todd had it right. I really enjoyed myself at Hero Con. Sure, there was plenty to see and buy. (Ask my tired wallet.) But, I have to say the best part of it was meeting other comic creators and comic lovers. Everyone was there to celebrate an artform and you could feel it everywhere you went.

I highly recommend that anyone who can, should go next year. If for no other reason than to remind yourself that comics are not about major cross-over, earth shattering events. But, about good stories, great art, and memorable characters.


todd said...

brian and kojee~~

yeah, wizard does suck. but i've been saying that for years--mostly about OTHER dubious business practices of theirs--but these latest posturings seal it for me that they are the monster trying to eat up our world. well, the comics industry, at least.

unfortunately, though we comics readers/fans/enthusiasts are generally an intelligent, cogitative bunch, we are also fiercely loyal, and there are just so many dumbasses out there that continue to buy whatever that rag says. or does.

anyway, off the soapbox. sorry.

thanks for writing in, you guys.

and thanks, scott.
heroescon rocks!