Wednesday, June 28, 2006



craig is a stay-at-home dad.
he is with johnny, his 2-year-old son, 24/7.
he does his artwork late at night after trish and johnny are asleep.
for this alone, i am in simple awe.

on top of that, craig is a great dad.
dedicated, loving, nurturing, intelligent, involved/playful, patient.
i wish that i could be a father like that. he adores trish and he adores his son.

but, dude--we're only gonna be away for 4 DAYS!
he'll be there when you get back! will you quit with the whining!
holy crap! it's not like we're goin' on a 2 and a half year mission to mars!
i swear to god, if we don't have fun on this trip 'cause you're missing johnny, i'm blaming it all on you!

that said, i'm looking down at jake right now, his whirling tail wagging his entire body, and i'm already feeling that pang of separation anxiety that craig's been preparing me for all week. i know that mike is looking at charlie and hearing that little voice inside his head saying, "don't go! stay home and play with that crazy little guy!"

okay, so we're a buncha wusses. we'll go and we'll do what we always do; laugh and drink and tell stories and meet people and tell each other it's okay when we miss the little guys we left at home.
also, they will be having parties at home without us!
i know jake does.
i come home and the place is a mess!
(this, by the way, is us with our pal--the funniest man in comics--scott kurtz!)

rico, i think, will be bringing his family.
can't wait to see rico!

here's rico's choopie doodle before we go!

and just so you have something to comment about while we're away, how about that superman movie, huh?

see ya on tuesday!
have fun!


Brian said...

I'm sure once you hit Charlotte that Craig will get into the swing and that you'll all have a great time at Heroes while spreading the news about the "Haps" to the "hopefully not unwashed" masses.

Also, I know what you mean about being a wuss. The Mrs. and I are headed down to the Cape for the long weekend, but are finding it awfully hard to leave Sabrina, the teenage cat behind.

As for Superman, hoping to catch it this weekend.

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