Wednesday, April 04, 2007

help from dana...


i'll admit it--sometimes i really do think that there are only three or four of you out there reading this--and usually it's the three or four that i know, my pals scott, brian, kojee, bill, who post comments and are always so supportive. and i thank you all for that. and for reading!
but it's nice once in a while to hear from someone else, a friend or a friend of a friend or an old friend or an ex-girlfriend, who says that they read the blog but they just don't post. and that's cool.

after my post the other day, craig got an 'e' from his friend--and now mine, i hope--dana moreshead, art director extraordinaire, former exec director of creative services at marvel and stan lee ent, currently a senior partner at fishbrain graphic design (, linking me to some awesome websites, most notably, this one at diamond galleries

featuring the entire array of marvel blacklight posters printed back in the early 70's by the third eye company in new york.

as dana said, some of them, especially the herb trimpe hulk's "are cr-aaaa-Z!!"

these things were more than likely HUGE hits at all the head shops across the country and the doctor strange one could easily pass as a doorway into the next dimension. i'm sure many made that trip.

and this one i've seen in person at various conventions and such going from anywhere between $75 to $175!

also available at the time,dana tells me, were a series of greeting cards taken mostly from panels or pages of jazzy john romita's work and "flourescentized".

alas, for all of dana's expert sleuthing, none of these are the spider-man poster i miss. the search continues...
i'll keep y'all posted.
i can't thank dana enough for all his help--and vast knowledge on the subject (i suspect that dana knows a LOT more about a LOT more! he also sent me a link to a great site featuring lots of ads from lots of 70's comics...more on that later, maybe.)

as i've said, i've been so cought up in this play lately that it's been hard to reply to the comments and stuff, but thanks brian and scott and bill and kojee for listing your favorite toys and posters and stuff. i loved reading them and hope that more of you will post and tell me what toys YOU had and cherished as a kid! or still cherish now!
if you can't or don't wanna post in the comments, send your reminiscences in an 'e' to!

have a great day!
to help me out we will have a guest blog here on friday, so don't miss out!
smell ya later!


Brian said...

Guest blog? Hmmmm, is it Choopie?

Esteban Pedreros said...

I read the Blog, I just don't post.

Greeating from Chile

Jason Copland said...

I read it, Todd. But, yeah, I usually don't have much to say... and I suck at those 5 on Friday tests....