Thursday, April 26, 2007

in and out...


i had hoped that, once the play was over, i'd be able to relax a bit and let my life get back to normal.
unfortunately, that just ain't happenin'.

i had an important business meeting in nyc on tuesday only to have to rush back home and then up to albany to give a talk about comics and superheroes at the college of st. rose. lots of carpentry work piled up on my pal jeff while i was taking things easy for the play and so i've been trying to fit that in while also working on a few new writing projects, one for marvel, one for dc...
thought i was gonna have the day today to write uninterrupted and then jake got sick. real sick. my poor little guy.

anyway, what i'm saying is that there are lots of things going on--and some of them will be some BIG news revealed here when i can--but that's what made this blog entry either late or early, depending on whether you wanna count it as a late wednesday post or an early friday...

with no segue available, i move on...
i don't have as many friends on myspace as mike wieringo does (we always love the artists more...) but i do have quite a few. some befriend me because of tellos. some because of my runs on spectacular or sensational spider-man. or impulse. or x-factor. many, i'm happy to say, are HUGE perhapanauts fans.

many are also artists and i think it's so cool that i can browse through their posted artwork and see the incredible diversity of talent that's out there waiting to be discovered. or already has been discovered...

so below are some of the images that i've lifted (here without the artists permission) that i thought were cool or that moved me, that i might've used for a couple days as my desktop or sent along to craig and mike just to pass 'em on. if you dig 'em and wanna see more, i've included the names of the artists so you can google 'em, check out their websites and/or myspace pages.
again, i don't have their permission and i hope they don't get mad--i just really dig their stuff!

supergirl by dean trippe.
dean does this fun comic strip called "butterfly" about a superhero's sidekick's sidekick. check it!

rain by joe pekar.

mike corriero.

daddy's girl by michael hussar.

my favorite calvin and hobbes ever!
oh, by bill watterson.

that's all!
going on a field trip with my nephew tomorrow so i'll post a "five on friday" on saturday.
maybe next week we can get back to normal!


Bill Nolan said...

Dean Trippe is awesome. He's got such a great, smooth style. Big things coming to that one someday soon.

Now I only wish he'd get around to actually mailing out my Mary Marvel commission... from last year... ;P

Brian said...

Bill turned me on to Dean Trippe about a month back and I've been a fan of Joe Pekar's for a couple of years now.

Looking forward to the Big news.

Walt said...

Oh crap. Is Jake okay?

Brian said...

Yeah, how's Jake doing. I missed the "real sick" part of you post the first time I read it. I'll keep a good thought for the little guy.