Monday, August 27, 2007

getting back to it


i would like to--and will--continue to post memories and nice things about mike here from time to time--he was and continues to be such a huge part of mine and craig's life, that i know i will hear his voice, and especially his laugh, for the rest of mine. and our friendship lives on in our friendship with his brother, matt, and sister-in-law, suzanne, and i will keep you all posted right here on further developments and the future of tellos.

but, as i posted a few weeks ago here on the blog, i've wanted definitely and desperately to swing this blog back toward it's original intentions (as stated in the cool new masthead up there. cryptids, ufos paranormal, comics, movies, trivia...and life. (and i'll be damned if i can't figure out how to post pictures up there with it...i'm an idiot!!)

my hero, stephen king, recently wrote a piece on "finding joy" in his column in entertainment weekly. he was talking about the things that light us up, that get us going, that bring a smile to our faces. it's different for everybody and it's definitely time to find it, to recognize them, and revel in them. king points out a video on youtube of a guy breaking into dance at best buy. looks staged to me, but i'm not gonna begrudge anybody who gets a kick out of it. certainly not stephen king. and certainly not the dancing guy. if it makes you happy...DO IT!

so we're looking for joy. what is it that lights you up, makes you happy, makes you smile?

for me it's all those things listed above. i LOVE the smell of an old comics. i bury my nose in the newsprint and inhale it like a blowhound with a bag of fine columbian. i LOVE the intrigue and curiosity of strange and bizarre--and unexplainable--happenings. they thrill me! i love movies and stories and people!

i love the perhapanauts and i love what craig's been doing lately, working on our baltimore comiccon exclusive, "the Lost Covers" portfolio. craig came up with (i think you came up with it...right?) the idea of doing covers to the "imaginary" issues that i had written about in the letters columns of the first two series. craig picked five to illustrate and here's a exclusive sneak peek at the early stages of one featuring the team and the eerie flatwoods creature! don't tell him i showed you...

from what we can tell, the portfolio will be five plates (covers) and include the letters columns from which they're derived. the print run will be limited to 50 portfolios and will debut atthe baltimore show in two weeks. craig has done some awesome work on these and we're hoping they'll be a big, big hit!

i'll post more from the portfolio as time draws closer.

another thing that makes me happy, as regular readers already know, is trivia. and so here, to get back in the swing of things, are an early "five on monday".
this run of questions are exponential, meaning that you've gotta know the first one to get the second one, and so on...
good luck and
smell ya later!

"five on monday"

1. in pee wee's big adventure who plays pee wee in the movie version of "pee wee's big adventure"?

2. what was the name of the 70's tv medical drama he starred in?

3. who played the title character?

4. what was the name of the tv family sitcom that he starred in in the 50's?

5. what was it called when it was on the radio?


BrianPRubin said...

Here are my answers to yer trivia game...though, I'll admit, I used the internets to gather my answers.

1) James Brolin
2) Marcus Welby, M.D.
3) Robert Young
4) Father Knows Best
5) Father Knows Best? I couldn't find any info about a different name before its jump to TV.

Back to work...I'm working on my thesis on graphic novels. See you at the OC!


Heywood Jablomie said...

Damn that's a doozy trivia Todd. I only knew James Brolin, hahaha. I haven't seen that movie in FOREVER! Hopefully we can all help in taking this blog back to what you want it to be, yet still toss in the occasional random whatever. But if you ever feel the need to use this for the cathartic means with which they are so good for, I know I don't mind, especially if it would help you out. As for what makes my mind tick, I've always been interested in the fact that the Egyptian, and some Mayan gods are believed to have been ET's, ala the Stargate Theory, myself. There was just so much off with the technology that they had, that just disappeared after for so long. Along with tons of other weird yet fun facts. Also, the mystery of Atlantis has always been intriguing to me as well!

Heywood Jablomie said...

Oh also, Life on Mars as well. Craig's piece BTW looks really interesting, any ideas on price range for the portfolios? And any chance of having the Tellos HC? I'm having trouble getting it through my LCS.

Scott Weinstein said...

I love the idea for the Lost Covers. That's brilliant. The fake letters were such a great idea to begin with. Nice continuation of that theme. Good work, guys.

You're trivia kicked my ass again. But, I like the linked nature of these questions.

Bill Nolan said...

Here are my answers (i'm horrible with names):

1. Mr. Barbra Striesand
2. Marcus Welby, M.D.
3. That guy from Father Knows Best
4. Father Knows Best
5. I didn't know this, and it took some searching online. It's funny that Brian seems to get the answer correct in the first comment above without actually knowing it... I had no idea about the punctuation either...

Brian said...

The "future of tellos," I like the sound of that.

Thanks for the sneak preview of one of the "Lost" covers. I've got my fingers crossed that the 100th issue makes the cut as I'd love to see Craig's take on Pitt and Jolie as MG and Molly.

As for the trivia, I never saw "Pee Wee's Big Adventure" so I'm out.

Adam Hutch said...


My copy of Tellos Collosal was delivered yesterday and it suuure is purty!

Your trivia had me stumped, I couldn't remember the name of the guy that played the not-so-bright southern governor from the West Wing.

Colin said...

For the life of me I couldn't remember who played Pee-Wee... which left me screwed for the rest of the questions. Looking over the answers I wouldn't have known any of them anyway.

Unknown said...

I too think the idea of the "Lost Covers" is a great one, and look forward to seeing some Sweet Craig art pieces for the 'folio.

Sadly, Todd, your TV/movie trivia leaves me in the dust... :(

Unknown said...

You lost me at the first question ._.

I never managed to grow fond of the smell of old paper. I always tried to, since I love books and had the idea that was kind of a requirement for a bibliophile... Nowadays I don't really mind so much anymore :)
One thing I do love is entertainment... in any form really. anything that takes me along for a ride into different and exciting worlds!
Now if only there was a comic store around here....

todd said...

actually, brian--the idea is to NOT use the internet to get the answers....

the tellos hardcover will be available at theimage booth--and i might have some at my table as well.

thanks for takin' a shot at the questions everyone!
i'll try to have more on friday.

alison said...

Brian! Even I could use the internet...

Matt Wieringo said...

You stumped me. There goes my hope of appearing on that pop culture trivia show. Crap.

As for things that bring us joy, I remember reading King's article and I thought of a few at the time...

1.'80s music in general but most specifically, the song "Come on, Eileen." The violins just make my toes start tappin'.

2. Oreo cookies. I don't eat them much anymore because I never want to be a fatty again. But, damn, there ain't much in this world that's finer than a stack of Oreos and a cold glass of moo-juice.

3. Lots of movies do it for me (Carpenter's THE THING, THE DEAD ZONE, the original DAWN OF THE DEAD) but lately it's been THE MONSTER SQUAD, flaws and all. The classic Universal monsters, all in one movie, with nary an apology for the red-lined vampire cape. Beautiful.

4. The Sal Buscema issues of NOVA and ROM. Best comics ever.

5. The old Harvey characters.

And a ton of other things too numberous to list on someone else's blog...:)

Bill Nolan said...

Matt, did you pick up the trade of old Harvey Casper comics that Dark Horse put out a month or two ago? I have it, but I haven't read it yet. They've also solicited a Richie Rich volume. I'm definitely looking forward to reading them.

Brian said...


All those eighties songs that were on the radio when the boys and I were driving around aimlessly tend to give my day a lift when I hear them.

Billy Joel's "Catholic Girls" was my favorite, but "Come on Eileen" is a good one and just saying "Dexy's Midnight Runners" brings a smile to my face.

todd said...


do you mean billy joel's "only the good die young"? or frank zappa's "catholic girls". (and if it was frank, you're gonna totally wreck my head...)


Unknown said...

I know that this is a little off the topic Todd, but I just (as in a few minutes ago) got my copy of Tellos Colossal. This is one nice looking book. Thanks for all the hard work putting this together, and especially for signing the ones that you did. Mines #78.

The sketchbook at the back brought tears to my eyes. Mike will so be missed.