Thursday, February 12, 2009

friday and saturday


i'm sure that there are some people out there who dread this saturday's holiday as much as others dread tomorrow's...

what a combo though, right?
if it weren't for play rehearsal, i'd be zooming to my local cineplex tomorrow to see the new friday the 13th launch. not that i'm expecting it to be anything crazy, new and fresh. i know the story, i'v seen it a dozen times...
but what a great way to celebrate a dark, creepy, superstitious day, just hiding away in a theater where bad luck can't find you.

happy friday the thirteenth, everybody!

(maybe we'd better move onto valentine's...)


so let's say that, like me, you are a total procrastinator, and that, also like me, you never know what to get for that special someone in your life on valentine's day--you didn't even pick up a card yet...!!!
well, i can't help you on the gift. you're on your own with that one, sunshine.
as for the card, if you have a nice printer handy, feel free to print out this valentine's day card i did for a very sweet girl named dacia way back in '95. i found this while i was uploading all my christmas cards a couple months ago and thought i'd save it for the day. i'm sure dacia won't mind...


here are a couple pictures of another supergirl from the show this past weekend--also very cute.


also--and i'm not positively sure about this, but--someone told me that marvel adventures spider-man #48 comes out today.
and, uh...i wrote that.

it's a fun, flippy tale featuring electro and the scorpion and has some killer art by our good pal, jonboy meyers!
if for nothing else, get it for the art!


and since we missed "twofer tuesday"--i was still tired from the show--how about a

"three for thursday?"
chain reaction


a. book
b. c
c. s
d. m
e. ball


a. dream
b. g
c. t
d. r
e. free


a. pine
b. t
c. h
d. g
e. towel

okay, i gotta go.
have a safe friday and a romantic saturday!
smell ya later!


portalcomics said...

Todd and Jonboy!! you know I'm picking it up!!

Brian said...

It was sitting right beside Craig's Captain America on the shelf, which I knew was coming out yesterday, so it was a very happy bonus that I added to that week's stack.

I'll let you know what I think once I get a chance to sit down and read it.

Already got my gal her gift, but still have to grab a card. Best do it soon before all the good ones are gone.

megan jeffery said...

a. pine
b. tree
c. house
d. guest
e. towel

Heywood Jablomie said...

i got both issues and read them both last night. great stuff all around. lots of fun and i actually enjoyed reading the cap one, even though i'm so-so when it comes to him. great art by c, of course, and jonboy's spidey and supporting cast looked awesome.

as for saturday, i'm behind and will be until tomorrow so who knows what i'm going to get!

Heywood Jablomie said...

oh yeah and i got nothing but a headache on the three-fer! lol

Brian said...


a. Dream

b. Girl

c. Talk

d. Radio

e. Free

Brian said...


a. Book

b. Club

c. Sandwich

d. Money

e. Ball