Tuesday, February 10, 2009

my biggest regret...


starting off this blog on a more personal note in saying that my biggest regret at this con--well, most cons--is that i'm always so busy chatting or telling people about the perhapanauts--or maybe cornering one of my favorite artists or writers and gushing both unabashedly and unprofessionally--that i don't pick the camera up enough.
below are a bunch of pics from the new york comic con, some taken, some stolen, for your fun and fancy.
but it's the pictures i don't have that i'm really regretting...

~~i don't have a good picture of our incredibly personable and incredibly effective best booth boy ever, brian mulcahy, hawking the haps out in front of the table, making sure that everybody gets a choopie butt card and takes a look at the book!
(brian, i'm sure, was much more responsible than craig or i in making sure that we sold out of the hundred or so comics we brought to sell. thanks, brian--you help out SO much!)

~~i don't have a picture of our pal, bill nolan, sitting at the table, offering his own support of the book, but more just supervising brian as he went about his speil. every man of action needs a good supervisor.

~~i don't have a picture of the four of us, along with our other pal, ernie (ernie, i don't think i know your last name. craig, what's ernie's last name...?) trundling along the streets of nyc with all our luggage on the way to penn station late sunday afternoon to catch our trains.

~~i don't have a picture of us with our pal, chris jones.

~~i don't have a picture of gino, jose, and chris working the AFTER SCHOOL AGENT booth for scott.

~~i don't have a picture of wendy and her son who surprised me when they seemingly magically appeared in front of the table sunday morning, a huge smile on her face! love ya, wendy--thanks for coming by!

~~and i didn't have my brand new, made for just such a moment, video camera when a certain guy told a certain story after dinner on saturday night. but more about that later...

it was a great show--craig and i had a great time just hangin' out--and there were lots of laughs this weekend. it was great to see all our friends and this certainly kicked off what is sure to be an awesome convention season!

my personal highlights of the show were;

~~dinner with craig at our favorite bar-b-que place, virgil's, on thursday night. then gettin' back to the hotel in time to wind down and catch the office and 30 rock. funny.

~~catching up with comic related reporter and super-perhapa-fan, russ burlingame, and teasing him about stuff that will absolutely NOT happen in upcoming issue of the perhapanauts. (although some of it will...)

~~dinner with jim starlin before the marvel party on friday.

~~catching up with craig and former dc editor jason hernandez-rosenblatt and helping jason hook up with the cute waitress.

~~drinking that fourth pitcher.

~~craig and i deciding that it would be good to stop in at mcdonald's at quarter-to-one as we wobbled back to the hotel and talking and laughing way too loud for the benefit of everyone else there.

~~dinner at the irish pub with craig, our pals, kelly yates (go buy AMBER ATOMS, now out from image!), rod and leanne hannah (leanne's story first perhapanauts story will be featured in perhapanauts no.6!), and rich woodall (rich's first 'haps tale will be featured in perhapanauts no.9!)

~~rich's after dinner story!

~~rich's after dinner story!!

~~rich's after dinner story!!!

~~the story rich told after dinner!

(i can not and would not tell you what it was about--it's rich's story and it is wonderful--but he had us howling with laughter with each and every line there at the pub, everyone holding their stomachs from laughing so hard and i know that rod and i both were wiping tears from our eyes. rich's timing was flawless. rich--you are a gem and a master storyteller. cheers, my friend!)
(wish i'd had my video camera...)

~~dropping by 30 rock where scott (we love you, scott!!!) was able to hook us up with saturday night live tickets...

~~well, he hooked craig, kelly, leanne, and rod up...i ended up having to watch it from the floor...

~~did you hear that?!?!? I WAS BACKSTAGE AT SATURDAY NIGHT LIVE!!!!!

while scott zoomed around, making sure that weekend update was ready to fly, i got to sit upstairs and watch the show and have a few beers with the writer's. then was down on the floor with scott as seth rolled out their hilarious week's work on weekend update! and it was funny! one of my all-time favorite shows! what a thrill!
what an incredible experience! scott...well, you know...thanks so much!

so here are some pictures from the show.
as i said, some are mine, a couple are borrowed...

a moment with my pal and editor, jordan d. white. he is working to bring back the handlebar mustache and he makes it look good!

me and russ burlingame as i tell him i hate having my picture taken. russ is telling me to shut up and stop being a grouchy old man. that's why, in this picture, i look like one...

and then russ talks me into doing an impromptu guest interview with my pal, scott kurtz of PVP fame--which i totally screw up. sorry, scott. that'll teach you, russ.

this is a pic from leanne's camera. she sent it over saying that she thought it was too dark, but it just makes me laugh every time i see it ''cause it looks like even the woman on tv is stopping to smile for the pic! i love it!

leanne hannah, kelly yates, craig, me, rich woodall, rod hannah.
i don't know the woman on the tv's name.

here's scott with rod and leanne and me. because of work scott only had sunday to be at the show promoting the hot-off-the-presses AFTER SCHOOL AGENT no.2!!! (check out to get your very own copy!)

a lot of supergirls flying around this year. this very cute one stopped by on saturday...

...and then she and her husband came back on sunday with these awesome mulder and scully costumes.

a stylin' black canary
(always one of my favorites...)

more on thursday!
smell ya later!


Anonymous said...

Next time Todd, we'll have dinner and put the camera up on a tripod and let the tape roll. I told my Raygun Partner Matt that I'd told you guys the story and he immediately started laughing.

Great picts man! Thank all of you guys for welcoming me into the family, I'm lovin' it, even if I am "Low Man". :-)

Leanne said...

Seriously, Rich, that was the funniest damn story I've ever heard. I can't remember the last time I laughed so hard.

I had a great time at the con-- it was really cool hanging out with you guys and doing the SNL thing again (thanks, Scott!!!). It was funny looking down on the studio floor and suddenly seeing Todd and Scott standing there-- I couldn't believe it. I thought we were supposed to be the privileged ones!

I wish I had taken more pictures too. I'm going to try and make up for that at Heroes. Can't wait!

Adam Hutch said...

Wow, sounds like a blast! You guys seemed to have wrung every last bit of fun out of the weekend.

Definitely going to have to make the October 2010 they've announced. It's too close for me to keep missing it.

Brian said...

Thanks for the kind words Todd, but it is easy to make sales when one has such a great product.

As for the funniest guy in New York not working at SNL, don't worry, you will not be "Low Man" for too long.

I brought my camera as well, but ended up taking only about 3 pictures. I had it out on Sunday to try and get a picture of the booth gang, but it was so crazy busy, the opportunity never arose.

Plus, I don't think I'll ever top the "Afro 'Haps" picture anyway.

I hope you can make it up to Boston in April, but if not, I'll see you somewhere down the con road.

Heywood Jablomie said...

man sounds like a great time was had by all. wish i could have made it. saturday i almost got to come up for a bit, but i got sidetracked and couldn't do it.

glad everyone had a blast and hopefully you guys converted more people to join the fam here!

Christian D. Leaf said...

"My only regret is that I have boneitis!"

Excellent to hear that things went smashing for the 'Haps gang. Very much looking forward to hanging with everyone at Heroes!

Scott Weinstein said...

I had a great time at the convention too. I wish I could have been there more than just Sunday, but I'm glad I at least had that one day.

Chris, Gino and Jose saved me by covering the booth all weekend.

I'm glad we all got to hang out Saturday. That was a blast. I really can't wait for Heroes.

Matt Wieringo said...

VERY sorry I missed it. Glad you guys had so much fun, though.

Christian, you made me spew. That's my favorite 'RAMA quote.

Pablo said...

it was great seeing at the con. That's awesome that you went to SNL

Russ Burlingame said...

Todd, I don't know what you're talking about; you're a stud!

It was great to see you. Thanks for the interview, which is currently on the Related Recap podcast (I'll let YOU be the guy to post the link, but anyone who wants to see it before that can go to, and I can't wait to see you guys again!