Thursday, October 28, 2010

more from adam--the otesaga hotel!


here's another great find from adam to get us all in the halloween spirit!

The Otesaga Hotel
(from www.paranormalstories/

Posted by Andrea Allison on Wednesday, May 19, 2010

This Historic Grand Dame Resort was opened in 1909. A majestic, Federal-style structure with an imposing front portico supported by massive 30-foot columns, The Otesaga was designed by Architect Percy Griffin and was named for the Iroquois word for “ A Place of Meetings.” This magnificent hotel occupies 700 feet of lakefront on the southern shore of Lake Otsego (also known as the “Glimmerglass” lake of James Fenimore Cooper’s Leatherstocking Tales) in Cooperstown, New York. Avid golfers, vacationers and others have been drawn to the resort for its beautiful scenic surroundings, elegant accommodations, and enjoyable resort atmosphere since it first opened its doors. Some believe it has also drawn the attention of a few ghosts.

Guests have reported hearing children playing and/or giggling in the third floor hallway (From 1920 until 1954, the hotel was a private girl’s school known as the Knox School for Girls.). Voices have been heard in the Glimmerglass Room. Apparitions have been seen walking hand-in-hand in period clothing. Staff have heard their names being called from unseen sources. A security officer has heard people walking above him on the second and third floors. He says he also hears a music box between the second and third floors. Beds made on the 3rd floor are found messed up shortly after. Of all the experiences reported, nothing seems malevolent in any way. Just long time guests enjoying their stay at The Otesaga Resort Hotel.


send in your pics of you and your perhapanauts shirts!
here's our latest model, my old pal, james de salvo, showing off his splendid choopie shirt!
(be sure to check out some of james' twisted tales and wicked writin's at and )

so, didja get your costume yet? whaddaya gonna be?
didja carve a pumpkin? got pics?
is this thing on...?
smell ya later!

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