Friday, October 01, 2010

oct 1


i guess the big news is obvious--kieran has gone through and given the website a once over, changing up some of the files and facts and adjusting the color scheme! i love a coat of fresh paint and can't thank him enough! thanks, kieran! it looks fantastic!

kieran's also been helping me put together a new website, one for something i've been working on for a while now but wanted to wait til just the right time to put it out there--

--as of today, friday, october 1st, 2010, NORTHERN DUTCHESS PARANORMAL is ready to believe you!

along with several colleagues of mine, each one extremely well-read in one aspect of the unexplained or another, i have formed a research group intent on investigating any strange and/or unusual phenomena here in the mid- to upper-hudson valley. we have each been doing our own private or personal investigations over the years and finally felt that it was time to come together and try to do something good for anyone who might be plagued with less-than-normal events or occurrences.
you can check out our website at


with halloween coming, i've been looking all over for some cool creepy content to post here on the blog. i've found some cool stuff,. but not enough and i was getting worried.
leave to good ol' rich woodall to come through!! the other day he sent me a link to the ten paranormal mysteries you've never heard of. i'll be posting one of these each post over the next couple of weeks to get you in the spirit--and by the way, whaddaya gonna be for halloween?
i wanna see pictures of perhapa-fans in costume this year! so if you get dressed up, do a brother a favor and take a picture...!

10. shanti deva

In 1930, aged 4, Shanti Deva from Delhi, India, told her parents that she had once lived in a place called Muttra (now known as Mathura), that she had been a mother of three, who died in childbirth, and that her previous name was Ludgi. Because the girl continually related the story, her parents investigated. It turned out there was a village called Muttra, and that a woman named Ludgi had recently died there. They took Shanti to the village where she began to speak the local dialect and recognized her previous-life husband and children. She even gave twenty four accurate statements matching confirmed facts about Ludgi’s life. An impressive feat for a four year old. [Source]

have a great weekend!
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Brian said...

Cool story.

I've actually considered what it would be like to be reincarnated, but with all the memories of your past life.

I found it very frustrating as I would want my old life back and it would not be possible.

Also, no way am I doing 19 years of school again.

Matt Wieringo said...

Dude. I would totally do school over again. Seriously. You'd know most of what was being taught so you wouldn't have to sweat the grades to much and you could concentrate on the important stuff. Girls. Money. Girls. Sports. And girls.

Love the site update, guys. And good luck with the new venture, Todd. Sounds awesome!