Wednesday, September 07, 2011

wet wednesday


it has been raining here since sunday and doesn't look to stop until friday or saturday.

picking up with where we left off the other day--my review of stuff i've watched, seen, read, listened to, laughed at, been amazed by, stupified by, etc...

here's the comics, comedy, and music that i've been enjoying over the course of this very short summer...


well, apologies all around, but i have trouble reading anything designed to simply make me buy a ka-billion tie-ins and continuations. that feeling of being suckered tugs at me mighty strongly with company-wide events and crossovers. plus, the stories are usually inaccessible. also--are we really paying $4 and $5 for a comic book these days?! with reprints of stories that i already have the original of?! no, we're not.

so i've been reading the hellboy and bprd books--always solid, dependable books. jonah hex is awesome (though i don't know what direction they'll be going in with this new weird western tales version...) i love david petersen's mouse guard! reading the new rocketeer adventures; some great tales by some very talented people! just got caught up with the stuff of legend which i super-highly recommend! just read the new league of extraordinary gentlemen 1969 and was blown away. again. that alan moore is something special.

and i've been digging out some fun, old books, like my original aquaman collection and various runs on the original justice league of america. picking up random actions and supermans at the shows just for fun!


inspired by the previously mentioned podcast, WFT with marc maron--you really oughta give that a listen--i've picked up several comedians' albums on itunes; amy schumer, paul f. tomkins, ian edwards (spend 99¢ and buy his clip on comedy death ray on itunes), and marc's own new disc, this has to be funny. also, got the new album by one of my old favorites, john pinette (see his latest comedy central special and then buy the album--funny stuff!)


craig and i have both been pretty vocal about our love for the new discs by fountains of wayne (sky full of holes) and they might be giants (join us!) and i love them both for everything they are! if you're just gonna check out a song or two on itunes, give a listen to dip in the ocean and radio bar from fountains of wayne and let your hair hang down and when will you die by those giant guys. all great rockin' stuff!
i also got to go see southern culture on the skids this summer down on the obx with my cousins and they're latest disc is still pretty warm off the press--
aaaaaand, going to see weird al with c. in october~! woo hoo!

friday will be part 8 of scott's Tales From The Perhaps and, yes, brien, i will finally reveal the details of the
perhapanauts halloween challange~!

smell ya later~!


Brian said...

I'm with you 100% on the current state of comics. Hard to believe I'm paying $4.00 per comic these days.

As for books that are worth the money, to your list I'll add Atomic Robo and, fingers crossed, the Perhapanauts in 2012.

Although I pretty much avoid everything from the Big 2 these days, I do plan to give the new Wonder Woman a chance based on the creative team. I will however, keep my eye out for cross overs and keep the book on a short leash.

Matt Wieringo said...

I'm so happy for Cully with his gig at DC and I'm looking forward to his SHADE book. But nothing will ever make me a full-time big-2 reader again. Every time...every single time...I start enjoying a series, it gets yanked off course for some bull$#!* crossover and then never gets back on track. Or the publisher realizes they have a popular book and split it off into 4 titles (as with THE HULK a couple years ago.) I'm currently digging Image's, IDW's and Boom!'s stuff and they keep me very busy.

Still, there's the occasional mainstream book that gets me excited like JONAH HEX or Ed Brubaker's CAPTAIN AMERICA. Once an addict, always an addict.