Wednesday, October 19, 2011

geoff shaw's BIG~!


OH, MAN~!!!
do i have something cool to show you today!!!

some of you may remember how, back in june while we were in charlotte at the annual comics love-fest that is HEROESCON, craig, matt, nick and i were honored to be seated directly across the aisle from SCAD--the savannah college of art and design--the same SCAD that is home to the RINGO Scholarship that matt and suzanne wieringo so lovingly began in memory of mike. while there, craig and i got to meet two really nice guys who also happened to be two really great artists. (yes, i'm sure there were many other talented young artists there, but we didn't get a chance to meet them...)

of those two, geoff shaw was positioned sort of away from me and i had to keep stealing glances when the crowd around their tables would thin out and duck and bob my head a little bit to see what everyone was 'ooo-ing' and ahhh-ing' about. turns out, it was geoff's awesome bust of one of the characters from thundercats (whose name escapes me now...). i stole over there with my camera and copped a couple shots. it was truly impressive. impressive that i asked if i could commission geoff to sculpt a statue of one of our characters, perhaps one of the bigger, more massively built, spiritual yet uniquely expressive members of our little family...? he was thrilled to have the chance and took home the reference i gave him and got to work...

this past sunday night, as i staggered into the house after my long and fun-filled weekend with craig (more on that on friday--) sharon pointed to the crate that she had had to wrestle into the house on her own when they delivered it saturday morning and handed me a screwdriver to unveil it's contents.

here then, is the BIG sculpt by sculptor and upcoming dc artist
(and hopefully some future perhapanauts as well...)


geoff did a phenomenal job--i can't begin to tell you how cool it is to see your own character brought to life in 3d!! and the textures that geoff was able to include--big's tufted hair, his ridged nose, the sweeping, runnelled upper lip--and that expression, both inquisitive and humorous all at the same time--priceless!

geoff also included a showcase with the bust and, though i am still not certain where in the house is the best place for me to display this awesome work of art, i will be trying to bring it to some of the shows that i can drive to so that you can get a look at it up close and in person.
it is magnificent!

so thank you so much, geoff shaw~!
for your talent and your friendship and for making this BIG thing happen~!

okay, everybody--see you here friday for details of my crazy weekend at craig's and the new york comic con~!
including costumes!!!
smell ya later~!


Christian D. Leaf said...

Homina! Homina! Homina! That is fantastiche!

todd said...

you said it, brother~!
i can't stop looking at it!

Jason Copland said...

Amazing! Can I borrow it to use as reference...? ;)

Scott Weinstein said...

Wow! That's outstanding!

Matt Wieringo said...

Beyond cool! He's doing Koj now, right? RIGHT!!???

Brian said...

Wow, that is awesome.

todd said...

i'll hafta start saving my pennies now, matt, to have him do koj~!! but, yeah--that'd be awesome~!

Tim Perkins said...

This is magnificent!!!

Lauren said...

That is absolutely gorgeous!!!