Monday, October 31, 2011



well, since i spoke with you last, the northeast was socked by a big, early, and somewhat unexpected snowstorm that, aside from knocking out power in many homes, schools, and businesses, has managed to interfere with many halloween parties, plans, and especially the trick and/or treating. it also got in the way of sharon and i making it to veronica's halloween party--sorry, v.!!--but now we have costumes for next year! it didn't get in the way of the albany comic con yesterday though which, was, despite the snow, a huge success! great to see everyone and thanks so much for coming out!

so, what would you like for halloween...?
oh, zombies, you say?
well, i can do that.
or rather, my good friend, the prolific and proficient writer/artist/inker triple-threat karl kesel can...

run--don't walk--right over to where karl has just launched his all-new webcomic, JOHNNY ZOMBIE!! karls' been working on this for months now and i've been chomping at the bit for it to finally get here so i could tell you about it! go get some--it's great!


in my search on the web for more creepy old halloween photos, i came across this one which is supposed to be a group of young bunnies. to me, though, they look more like a pack of mole men or martians from some low-budget fifties sci-fi flick...or the kelly goblins that menaced the kelly family at their backwoods tennessee home back in 1955...


dunno if you know it or not, but our two new perhapanauts t's are now available in the perhapanauts store!
available in most adult sizes, arisa and karl are the two latest--but not last--additions to the line!
here's a shot of what each of them look like--as well as a picture of my lovely niece, jordyn sorta modeling hers via her cell from college...
(cell phone i mean--not that she's in a cell at college...)


and here's a pic that lauren monardo sent to me of a cat doin' some karate on a dog--hai-YA!

hope you all have a HAPPY--
smell ya later!


Warren said...

Happy Halloween Todd! :)

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