Friday, October 21, 2011

NYCC costumes~!


my crazy, awesome whirlwind of a weekend went like this;

drove out to craig's listening to the last couple discs of guillermo del torro and chuck hogan's the strain
spent the afternoon playing hide and go squaddies with johnny and cat
we all had dinner
craig, his brother mark and i go to see weird al yankovic in new bedford
if you've never gone to see a weird al show, do.
craig and mark had been a number of times, but this was my first and it was definitely not my last!
man, that guy--and his incredibly fun and talented band--put on a show like you wouldn't believe!
my birthday present from craig. thanks, brother--one of the absolute greatest presents ever!

c. and i drive to nyc for the comic con.
got there around 11-11:30, hit artists alley, saw some friends. it was nice being out on this side of the table, wandering around and free. hooked up with my comic book soul mate, bill, simply by trying to 'feel' him in the crowd. it always works.
went to lunch at...wait for it...VIRGIL'S --easily the best barbeque place on the east coast! had a few beers. back to the show.
dinner with disney--craig had done some work on disney's new line of marvel kids books and they were nice enough to invite me along. like i was his date...
since we were in town, scott invited craig and i to come and watch snl in the writer's room--which was awesome! our pal robert kirkman was there and we invited him in to sit in the good seats...
drinks after the show with scott and jeremy and kelly dale.

breakfast at a very nice diner with a very nice--and funny--waitress.
craig had a disney/marvel press panel at 12, where they announced the new line of awesome superhero childrern's books, and then a signing at the disney booth at 2.
i met up with scott, gino (pati), and kevin (conn) and we got craig and went to lunch. nice place, great company!
we all said goodbye and headed our separate ways. got home in time to watch the walking dead with sharon and wasn't that freakin' awesome?!?! what an excellent premiere episode. i wish i'd seen it before i saw robert just to tell him how great i thought it was! eh, now he'll never know...

okay, you've put up with my babbling long enough...
here are the costumes...

an awesome aquaman and mera!

sweet christmas~! this guy was the perfect luke cage!
and really tall! great power, man!

plastic man and friends
(that's me being lazy and not wanting to look up a check the others' names...)

red sonja~!
i know.

a couple of lovely star trek girls~!

this young man told me that he was shark-man~!
a costume he made and designed himself featuring a batman costume with the bat covered up by a shark, a fin instead of a cape, very cool homemade goggles, and aluminum foil pants!

you GO, shark-man!

have a great weekend!
smell ya later!


Matt Wieringo said...

Oh. My. God. That is the absolute sexiest costume I've ever seen. Yeah, I'm talkin' 'bout you, Luke Cage.

Plas is pretty cool, too.

That Red Sonja sucks, though. I'm going to have to study the photo for a while so I can make some proper, constructive comments and she can improve it for next year.

Brian said...

Great seeing you and Craig at the show, sorry we didn't have more time.