Monday, November 28, 2011

the lost 2 weeks


as the subject line reads, it has been a crazy 2 weeks.
i have, in the past two weeks:
gone to a great little comics show in portland, maine
made my pilgrimage to my own personal promised land the international cryptozoology museum
got to meet and hang out with one of my all time heroes, the renowned cryptozoologist, loren coleman
hung out with my friend, james, craig, trish and the kids, rich (woodall), melissa and their kids
agreed to jump in (at the last minute) to do a small part in my mentor/friend steve press' production of kiss me kate
got a miserable, miserable cold (that threatened to stop me from getting on stage)
made it anyway
had lunch and spent a nice afternoon with mike estelle and his lovely wife karen who just happened to be in the area
painted the bathroom
rode with my brother up to geneva ny to pick up my niece at college for thanksgiving break
ate 2--count 'em, TWO--complete thanksgiving dinners as sharon and i split the day with her family and then mine
wrote two short stories and lettered the first two and a half issues of the upcoming perhapanauts miniseries
stacked a cord and a half of firewood
restored greece's failing economy

oaky, maybe i didn't do that last one...
but it sure felt like i did a lot.
on screen here it doesn't actually look like much, but really that cold knocked me out--i mean spend the day in bed--for two and a half day--it was a monster!

anyway, i'm back.
with photos.
which i know are all you really care about anyway...

so here we go...

the first few are from the cryptozoology museum where, as craig posted, i was as excited as a schoolgirl.

loren let us in early for an exclusive tour of the facility. the gang included craig, trish, and the kids, rich woodall, james best, and myself. loren gave us the dollar-fifty tour and paid such wonderful attention to the kids and all their inquisitive questions. mine included. thank you, loren! here's craig and i with loren--and the tallest exhibit in the building--bigfoot!

loren pointing out some of the very unique elements that prove that the 1967 patterson film is authentic.

the museum is full of displays and artifacts from all over the world! i might be extremely biased here, but if you ever find yourself in the portland area, i cannot recommend a visit to the museum enough.

and don't hesitate to visit the museum's website at:

the museum is a non-profit and so both your visit and your donations are a huge help...


as for the convention, it was big fun and it was great to get a chance to meet and chat with so many new readers! everyone was very happy/friendly and i was thrilled to see so many people come in costume!

here are a few of the ones i had a chance to snap...

a super-cute zombie chick!

the red mist and kick-ass!

a star trek andorian...and a tribble...

an adorable death~!

a feisty steam-punk girl!

a stunning white queen! (...and new perhapanauts fan. hi, nicole~!)

so, sorry for the long wait between posts,
but i have a whole bunch of cool things to show you so check back soon~!
smell ya later~!


Brian said...

Whew! I'm worn out just reading that list, but also excited by the news that there are new issues of the 'Haps at the lettering stage. 2012 is going to be a "Perhappy" New Year.

todd said...

brian, i failed to mention that you were at the show and in prime booth boy mode when we returned from the museum to find that you had--in your always surprisingly unexpected way--set up everything on our tables exactly where we wanted them!! you are a marvel, commander mulcahy , and we thank you from the bottoms of our hearts!

Brian said...

You are most welcome and thank you for letting me put out that "extra" book you didn't even know you had. ;-)

Jason Copland said...

New Perhaps! Woooot!

Cooper said...

Meep? Short stories? *intrigued face*

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