Monday, December 19, 2011

christmas treasures


while not, technically, a christmas card, my pal, ellie, found this drawing she did (way back when she was 4) while looking through her christmas stuff to send something to share. i love it and love that she decided to share it with us!


also in the sharing mood was our pal, mike estelle, when he sent me this tale of a christmas yet to come ('ll be here in 6 days...). here's the back-story to a quirky present he picked up for his mom a month or so ago...

So the story goes like this,

Around the time that SkyLab was hurtling towards the Earth in a fiery mass of metal and electrical components, I was about 4 and my brother was just born January of that year. My mom being 'mildly' neurotic had it in her head that it was going to land on us in a little town called Laurence Harbor here in New Jersey. Figuring it was going to be our demises, and that my parents hadn't gotten around to having us baptized yet, she immediately ran off to have it done, so that when we had all that metal come crashing on our heads in a blazing inferno, we'd not end up in that other blazing inferno. So when it landed WAY the frick over in Australia, we were safe and continued on to this day, with small jokes and laughs at family get-togethers over how crazy that was.

Fast-forward to November of this year when Karen and I were in Upstate NY for our anniversary weekend. At your (Todd's, that is) suggestion, we went to the little town of Red Hook to go do some shopping. In one of the few antique shops we were browsing the glass cases when I saw what looked like a big piece of amber with a piece of paper or something in it. Upon further inspection it had an actual card in it that said that that piece of 'paper' was in fact a piece of SkyLab. I asked how much it was and while it was a little pricey I thought it would make for a really funny Christmas gift for mom. Karen said I HAD to get it and, that when my mom opened it, that if SkyLab didn't land on our heads then I was definitely going to get hit in the head after she realized what it was. And so after some internal debating, and telling the people that worked at the store the story of it, I got it. And we will be getting mom's reaction on video so that I can remember what happened after the concussion.

thanks, mike!~

i couldn't find anymore really funny christmas cards--and i'm hoping that some of you are keeping your eye out to forward some on to me--but here are a couple images i grabbed off the net. what is it about these absolutely anti-christmas, rebellious and delinquent, juvenile holiday gestures that just crack me up?! i dunno--but i love 'em!

and for any of you who might have been slightly offended by that...
here's a cute little palette-cleanser that i stole from my niece's facebook page! thanks, j.!

happy holidays~!
smell ya later!


Brian said...

I hope we get to see a reaction shot when Mom opens her Skylab gift.

Heywood Jablomie said...

I love it when people flip other people off somehow in pictures. Just find it hilarious for some reason!

And Brian-it was a great reaction, better than I originally thought it would be. It;s on video, just have to find a way to discretely post it online and share it. She said if it ended up on facebook tho I'm toast! LOL

Adam Hutch said...

That's hilarious Mike! I'd love to see that reaction too.

Warren said...

I loved the Skylab story and the Christmas Birds. A terrific way to get into the spirit of the season. :)