Thursday, December 15, 2011

some more christmas covers~


in response to my request for more christmas images--and my posting of a couple of my favorite christmas comics covers--my friend ellie egleton sent me her picks for favorites...

action comics no. 105 from 1947...

...and the chris giarrusso cover to FIRST CLASS COMIC REVIEW from just last year (although ellie did say that she may be a bit biased on this one since that is her magazine... : )

as we discussed this, ellie threw this one into her picks as well; supergirl and batgirl exchanging their christmas gifts to one another...


looking for a clean jpg of the action comics cover, i found these two classic christmas covers featuring supes and st. nick too!

and what about another festive treasury cover from my good pal, nick cardy, circa 1974...? ho ho ho!

what've you got?
smell ya later~!

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Warren said...

I love these! Thanks for posting them! :)