Friday, December 16, 2011

the spirit of christmas~


here are a couple of christmas cards from my collection. this first one is from sharon from our first christmas together as she tried to warn me about kayla's penchant for climbing the tree and ambushing you from it. i didn't believe, at first, that she loved the tree as much as sharon said, but each year when we'd bring the box down from the attic, kayla would get excited and dance on it until we put it up. or just sit on it and glare at us until we did.

and this is one of my all-time favorite cards from last year, from matt and suzanne. speaks for itself.

the inside says, "Hope your Christmas doesn't stink."

in response to my request, rich woodall sent me this christmas card he and matt talbot did for their fans while doing their much-loved, yet highly overlooked book, johnny raygun! awesome card! awesome homage! can you name the classic cover this is taken from?

( by the way, you can still order any of the johnny raygun series from )

a note and a video that you HAVE to check out from our pal, ernie cooper...
merry christmas, ernie!

Hiya, Todd!

So it's not a comic cover...But a friend posted this, and after I got done giggling maniacally, I thought of the perhapablog and all of the Calvin and Hobbes goodness that you frequently post:

Hope you and yours have a Merry Christmas! May your days be merry and bright, and may strange cryptids infest your Christmas tree come Christmas morn! *grin*


and here is your secret christmas present from our pal, roger ash...

thanks, roger!

and thanks to everyone who've sent me fun stuff for the holidays!
keep 'em comin', gang!
smell ya later!

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Brian said...

Great cards and covers.

We almost had a tree climbing cat, but he ended up going home with one of the ladies I work with instead.