Wednesday, April 18, 2012



for those of you who might've missed the blog the other day, craig and i--along with matt and rich and brian and a whole bunch of our other new england friends--will be attending the BOSTON COMIC CON this weekend in...well, in boston. craig and i will have shirts and trades and pins and prints and some of the artwork from the new PERHAPANAUTS mini, Danger Down Under--due out later this year--to taunt, tease, and tantalize you!
stop by--it's gonna be fun!


My buddy Tommy Lee Edwards, artist extraordinaire, has just completed the first chapter of an incredibly innovative and enticing new project called The Random Adventures of Brandon Generator! Along with writer Edgar Wright and a team of talented artists and animators, they have launched an exciting new interactive on-line adventure that you gotta see to believe! Actually, just seeing Tommy's gorgeous artwork is enough for me, but then these guys work their magic to make it all move and draw you into a dark, rich world of possibility.

The Random Adventures of BRANDON GENERATOR

written by Edgar Wright (Scott Pilgrim vs The World, Shaun of the Dead)

storyboarded, designed, illustrated, and directed by Tommy Lee Edwards (Turf, Star Wars)

animated by Scott Benson & Tommy Lee Edwards

cg modeling by Don Cameron, Daryl Bartley, & Rodolfo Damaggio

music by David Holmes (Ocean's 11, Haywire)

narrated by Julian Barratt (the Mighty Boosh)

check it out for yourself at

that's it for me~!
see ya in boston!
smell ya later!


Brian said...

The first episode has gotten my attention.

Looking forward to checking out the next one.

That Lever said...

Todd, it was great getting to meet you at the Boston Comic Con on Saturday. Thanks for taking the time to chat with me and my daughter. We were both glad you pointed out the "No Boys Allowed" Squad issue you wrote. She devoured it on the train ride home after the con. Meanwhile, I'm happy I finally got my Tellos hardcover signed and am looking forward to more 'Nauts comics this year!

todd said...

That Lever~!

Great meeting you too and thanks for coming out to the show!...And very glad you enjoyed the books!

Let me know what you think once the new Perhapanauts DOES hit the stands this summer!