Wednesday, April 25, 2012

ATLAS OBSCURA--saturday, April 28th

okay... This Saturday I'll be at the International Cryptozoological Museum in Portland Maine to hear a lecture by renowned Cryptozoologist LOREN COLEMAN as he recounts his original investigation into the cryptid known as The DOVER DEMON. This not only celebrates Atlas Obscura Day but marks the 35th anniversary of this bizarre creature's first sighting.
So...five years ago, on the 30th anniversary of the sighting of the Dover Demon, I was shocked and surprised that nothing was being done to commemorate this crypto-historic event. How could the small town of Dover, Massachusetts overlook an opportunity like this?! Where was the parade?! The festival?! The little Dover Demon plastic statuettes and t-shirts?! Didn't they know that Point Pleasant makes a killing every year with their Mothman Festival?!?!? Okay. So maybe I'm a little more excited about the Dover Demon than your average citizen. Maybe I dream a little bigger than John Q. Don't-Bother-Me.
So, obviously, I was THRILLED to hear of ATLAS OBSCURA Day. Not only does this fall on the 35th anniversary , but it gives us a chance to celebrate the odd and unusual ALL OVER THE WORLD! Unusual locations, unusual occasions, unusual events! Where will YOU be this Saturday? Is there someplace nearby where something strange has happened? Where something weird was seen? Do you know?
If you're in the New England/Maine area this weekend, come and join me in Portland to hear Loren recount the story of a couple of creepy nights back in 1977. I'll be on hand to talk a little about how Dover found his way into our comic book and how Loren and his work have inspired me over the years. Love to see ya there!
smell ya later! todd


Brian said...

Have fun, Todd. I'll be giving my lawn some long over due attention this weekend.

Warren said...

Hope you had a good time. This stuff is so interesting. I don't understand how people -- even if they don't believe in cryptids -- can fail to find the subject interesting. I mean... all the witnesses and all the evidence points to *something* even if it's "mass hysteria* (bwahaha).