Friday, August 17, 2012

a crazy week~!


i keep talking about how craig and i are scrambling around, getting all of the various components of the new series together; reaching out to friends and favorites for some very cool variant covers (joe staton, mike maihack, charles paul wilson III, michael golden and a couple more...), making sure our awesome colorists--mike thomas, nate lovett, and dean trippe--have the latest pages--and the RIGHT pages!--to work on, making sure that eric henson doesn't get too fidgety waiting for me to finally write that last pages to his beautiful back-up story, etc...

but i don't really have all that much to show for it.
we want everything to be new and fresh and a wonderful surprise!
(but it's SO hard when you're sitting on so much freakin' FANTASTIC ARTWORK!!!)

and so, as the solicits come out--those advertisements in the monthly previews catalogue featured at your local comic book shop--for both readers and retailers to order from, i'll be posting the way-cool artwork here and giving you all the exclusive early look at some smokin'-hot Perhapanauts gorgeousness!

this month's previews heralds the coming of the new series.
PERHAPANAUTS: DANGER DOWN UNDER! no. 1 will hit stands the first week in november, so order yours TODAY! now's the time to let your handsome, intelligent, and oh-so-charming comic shop owner know that you're gonna be looking for a copy this fall! tell him to order a few, 'cause once the word gets out about this new adventure, they won't be able to keep 'em on the shelves! as a matter of fact, if you've got the time, call SEVERAL comic shops in your area and ask them if they'll be carrying the latest Perhapanauts...? it couldn't hurt.

so, to start out or preview of perhapanaut perfection, here is the cover to Perhapanauts: Danger Down Under! no.1 by craig with colors by the incredibly talented mike thomas...

and our exclusive first variant cover by comics legends JIM STARLIN and TERRY AUSTIN!

hope you dig 'em!
call your store!
have a great weekend!
 smell ya later!

oh--here's a picture of a squirrel.


Anonymous said...

Jim Starlin! Awesome!


Warren said...

I can't wait for more Perhapa-goodness!

And that squirrel is singing the show-stopping title song from next year's big Tony-winning Broadway show, "Hide Your Nuts!"

Eric Henson said...

"Excited" doesn't even begin to sum up how pumped I am for this!

Brian said...

Good things come to those who wait.

Lauren said...


Adam Hutch said...

Added to my pull list this week!