Wednesday, August 01, 2012

Perhapa-ganda Challenge--Runner's-Up!


thank you, thank you, THANK YOU!!--to all of you who took some time out to brain-storm and come up with so many terrific ideas for our Perhapanauts "PERHAPA-GANDA" Challenge! we had a slow start with the entries at first, but once you got going, YOU GOT GOING!
we appreciate both your efforts and your eagerness to help our little book succeed this time out. we've been working very hard on this latest installment of everyone's favorite paranormal adventurers and we're keen to get the word out--and YOUR involvement will help.

we'll be announcing/unveiling the big winner on friday, both here and on the perhapanauts facebook page (haven't visited there yet...? we're love you to 'like' us...), but before we do that, here are some of our runners-up and honorable mentions...

"The Perhapanauts:  To Buy, To Read, Per-Haps to Dream"

"The Monsters In Town Are On Our Side."

"The only people who don't like The Perhapanauts are people who haven't read The Perhapanauts."

tee shirt idea
Front text: Have you lived life to the fullest? Perhaps Naut
Back text: READ The Perhapanauts
Then you can put a image below that on the back. Covers, Character shots, ect.


here are the 
answers to
last week's

"five for friday~!"

1. what movie carried the tag-line "just when you thought it was safe to go back in the water..."?


2. what was the name of the reporter that david (bruce) banner told " wouldn't like me when i'm angry."

jack mcgee

3. ringo replaced...?

pete best as drummer for the beatles
(and, yes, we'll accept "greg laroque on the flash."  : )

4. what is the dot over the lower case 'i' and 'j' called?

a tittle

5. name the seven original not-ready-for-prime-time players.

dan ackroyd
john belushi
chevy chase
jane curtin
garrett morris
laraine newman
gilda radner

hey! there are new pages of nick tapalansky and alex eckman-lawn's "A GRIM HAUNT" up on "Tales From The Perhaps!"
that's it for today!
smell ya later!


Brian said...
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Brian said...

Looking forward to reading the other runners up and then the Gold Medalist.

Eric Henson said...

Really interesting ideas!