Thursday, October 04, 2012

eric's secret identity~!


so one of the things that craig and i have had to do over the past five or six months is try to re-direct the energy and enthusiasm of our new pal, eric henson, and make sure he doesn't explode and kill us all.

okay...not really. eric is nothing but a force for good--but he IS an enthusiastic, ambitious, talented guy who has been providing us with so much awesome work and inspiration that it's hard to hold him back! he can't wait--but more importantly, WE can't wait--to show you the new Perhapanauts: Danger Down Under and what eric has brought to the table to help us get this book out sooner than we'd ever hoped.
starting in two weeks, we'll be posting pages from the Perhapanauts Ashcan previewing some pages from the series. i'll be sure to put spoiler alerts all over it just in case there are those of you who'd rather not see--but man, it's looking good!  

and speaking of looking good, here's an awesome fear itself sketch cover commission that eric did for our pal, jeremy youndt of pennsylvania. 
the haps as avengers--how awesome is that?!?
i love every choice--who was gonna be who? it's just great! that eric just doesn't stop!

thanks to jeremy for sharing his cool commission with us!

you can also see this piece, as well as a bunch of eric's other work in this segment on eric and his journey produced by the AFBS.

plus, you can get your craig on as it features a few cool sound bytes from that guy! : )

congratulations, eric!
you deserve it, brother!

more on monday~!
smell ya later!


Brian said...

Very creative. Eric is an amazing talent.

Lauren said...

That is absolutely GORGEOUS!!!! Beautiful work :)

Jason Copland said...

That is so awesome!

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