Wednesday, December 26, 2012

eric henson--a burst of energy when we needed it most!


the holidays had me jumping this year...

as i promised--TWO WEEKS AGO--i want to take a moment to shine our perhapanauts spotlight on yet another talented artist who has lent us so much of his time and talent and has continued to astound craig and i at every turn, not only with his fantastic artwork, but with his incredible work ethic and productivity.
"blame it on the air force.", eric might tell you, as he is a staff sergeant in the very same and credits his military conditioning with how he's able to fit so many projects into so little time.
as well as staff sergeant, eric is also a married man with two small children, a very active member in his church, and--oh, yeah--an up and coming artist currently cranking out pages for our little book at a pretty impressive rate!

i had first seen eric's stuff with the two page 'the-haps-battle-a-future-techno-cyber-frankenstien' sampler that eric had been including in his portfolio and that someone--i think craig--forwarded to me a year or so ago. i loved it and emailed eric to tell him so and the next thing we knew, we were working on a back-up story together.

as you all know, eric's first haps work appears in issue 2 of the still on sale Danger Down Under! no.2, with the peruvian-set back-up story, Molly's Mission. originally intended to be an 8-page, done-in-one story, eric began producing pages so fast that i could hardly keep up with him. i was high on the process of creating and knew that i had to keep this powerhouse going. the one parter quickly turned into a two parter and there was just no stopping this guy...!
here are a couple of the penciled pages from Molly's Mission part one and a small taste of what's in store in the pages of part two~!

obviously, with this kind of output and enthusiasm, craig and i immediately chained eric to his drawing board and have kept him working non-stop. we feed him now and then. he's okay.
to tell of what more we have in store for eric would be tipping our hand too much. suffice it to say that you'll be seeing a lot more of eric henson in the pages of the perhapanauts. and in his own creator-owned series, Eden, out sometime next year! (i've already seen a buncha pages from that and, let me assure you, you're gonna be blown away!!)

so thanks, eric, for being such big part of the perhapanauts team. now get back to work.

happy new year, everybody!
smell ya later!


Brian said...

Thanks for the preview, Todd. Always happy to see more art from Eric.

Matt Wieringo said...

Best of all, he got a handle on the characters right out of the gate. Great stuff. I remember when Christian showed me one of the pages he was inking and my jaw dropped. Almost gave up on the western.

alison said...

Great preview--love those goats.

Merry Christmas and Happy other holidays falling around this time of year to all who celebrate any of 'em.

Eric Henson said...

Thanks all! So humbling to a part of this great team and its a true dream of mine! Matt, the last thing you should do is quit your fantastic art. I almost quit when I saw your AWESOME pages! The life you breathe into the characters' expressions and your meticulous background work are inspiring to me.

Once again, thanks to all and HAPPY NEW YEAR!

Anonymous said...

Awesome stuff.


Christian D. Leaf said...

Eric is set for comic creation domination! Talented out the wazoo, but the most down-to-earth, humble person you're likely to meet. An honor to ink and call him friend.

Anonymous said...

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