Thursday, December 13, 2012

the hidden talents of matt wieringo~



so, originally, i had this all planned out and was pretty sure i'd have the time to release these posts accordingly. as the issues of Perhapanauts:Danger Down Under! rolled off the presses and into your stores, I was going to simultaneously thank each of the various friends/artists whom had been featured in the issue both here and on our perhapanauts facebook page...
but, circumstances being what they are--and the holidays being what they are--things got ahead of me and so i am trying, now, to play a little bit of catch-up.

my previous post, of course, was all about the covers and how much we love joe staton and how how much wonderful awesomeness he's brought to comics over the years and how he's been bringing cool back to the Dick Tracy comic strip and how you really should be subscribing to it via to have it sent to your email box each day...FOR FREE!! (you'll be glad you did!)

now...about the insides of issue 2...

you all know matt. he's my brother, been part of the perhapanauts family from waaaaaaay back, did a fantastic back cover pin-up for us on our very first issue at Image. matt is a very humble guy and it took LOTS of arm-twissting by me, craig, and matt's best friend and partner in too many crimes to mention, christian d. leaf, to get him to stop fighting us and get working on a Haps story for us.

he got right on it and pretty soon was turning in pages that were just blowing us away!

the fact that the tale was a western featuring choopie and karl--and so, by association, a comedy, made it that much more fun! matt nailed the humor on every level, bumped up the comedic implications and pay-off throughout and made the story even more fun for ME! and that's saying something!

here's a peek at one of the pages from part two of "choopie and karl in the wild wild west!" appearing in next month's Perhapanauts:Danger Down Under! no.3...

...and another look at the amazing back cover matt did--

more on the versatile mr. leaf in a future post...

be here monday for more on the speedy-fast eric henson~!

have a great weekend!
i'll be crazy-christmas shopping!
hope yours hasn't snuck up on you, too!
get in the spirit!
smell ya later!

oh!--and don't forget--The PERHAPANAUTS: TREASURE OBSCURA trade is in stores NOW!
a great book to lean on when you're writing out those holiday cards --- and an even better christmas gift for that special someone~!


Christian D. Leaf said...
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Christian D. Leaf said...

That's nice bit of truth about our boy Mafus. Talented, humble and stalwart. Well said, Todd.

Though I still have nightmares about all those bricks and boards he drew...

Matt Wieringo said...

Aw, shucks. Thanks, bros.

Matt Wieringo said...
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alison said...

Hey t--glad to be back reading the blog. Missed this creative fun place.

Matt, great work, looking forward to the read.

Anonymous said...

Amazing pages. I see a lot of Mike's style in those pencils. Makes me wonder if Matt is drawing inspiration from Mike's work, or if it just runs in the family. Either way, keep it up Matt! I've been missing Mike's work over these past years, and seeing this, well, it's like having a little of Mike back...


Brian said...

Matt, really nice story telling in those pages.

Matt Wieringo said...

Thanks, everybody. Kojee, I draw inspiration from Mike in everything I do, drawing or otherwise. But, yes. Whenever I hit a problem I would think, "What would Mike do." The answer was usually, "draw this a lot better." :)

Anonymous said...

Haha! Awesome! Thanks Matt!


Warren said...

I got a chance to pick my issue up this past weekend. Matt, your story looks great! And your cover... duuuuude. It's like Mike Ploog had a love child with Jim Steranko!

Matt Wieringo said...

Thanks Warren! You flatter me and the Leaf.

Lauren said...

Absolutely GORGEOUS work, Matt!!

Eric Henson said...

Christian and Matt are doing AWESOME work! You should see some of the commissions Matt has done at cons. Stellar!

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