Wednesday, January 23, 2013

A slight delay...


for those of you diligent in your previews reading, you may have noticed that, while issues 1-4 of our thrilling, highly-acclaimed DANGER DOWN UNDER! hit the stands as scheduled--issues 1 through 4 coming out nov. dec. jan. feb.--issue 5 was not solicited for march release as would seem the natural progression. and not as we had planned...

the problem, sadly, was the storm.
when superstorm sandy hit, we were deep into the production on Danger Down Under! no.3 when, suddenly, we had artists trying do their jobs without any power. dean trippe was coloring part 2 of matt and christian's 'choopie and karl in the wild wild west' story and craig and regular series colorist, mike thomas, were all without electricity for at least three days, dean for even more. to be safe, craig and i asked image, always understanding and eager to help, if we could bump the print and publication of issue four by a week to buy us a little more time and not be rushing mike or dean on their respective jobs. they said okay.

jimmying us around on the schedule, however, threw us out of the rotation for the following month and  when we finally realized it, we thought that, while we weren't happy about our final, fantastic, fear-fraught issue being a month late, we might be able to make that work to our advantage, using the extra time to snag not one, but TWO of our all-time heroes to do some kick-ass variant covers for us!
(you've seen walter's stunning, powerful, gremlin-filled masterpiece in previous posts~!
wait'll ya see the other secret surprise cover we'll be unveiling for you right here on friday...!)

and so, while we apologize for these delays, we are more than happy to have the chance to do this right, to take this extra time to make Danger Down Under! the absolute best it can be and to give our friends the time to not be rushed and make it a job they can be proud of.

for being so patient and understanding yourselves, here's a pin-up by jason may to keep you on your toes til friday~!

have a great day!
smell ya later!


Matt Wieringo said...

Beautiful pinup!

No prob, dude. I'm sure it will be worth the wait!

Brian said...

Fun art and a funny line. Now, if that is not the 'Haps, I don't know what is.

Brian said...
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