Friday, January 25, 2013

rockin' the cover to Danger Down Under! no.5~!


we have been blessed to have had our friends and favorites grace our covers with their incredible talents during this run of Danger Down Under! jim starlin and terry austin on the variant cover to issue 1, joe staton on issue two, charles paul wilson III on three and mike maihack on issue 4. they have made for some stunning and eye-catching covers and have made craig's and my dreams come true!

so we wanted to continue to the trend onto issue 5 and you've already seen the amazing piece that walter was so kind to do for us. we thought, "man--that's the way to go out on top! a walter simonson cover for the grand finale...?! smokin'!!"

but, wait...
there's more.

so, we had also asked another friend--another hero and comic book icon--if he might have time to do a cover for us, knowing that his schedule was crazy busy, but hoping against hope that maybe he'd be able to squeeze yet another masterpiece in. his agent, the lovely and talented renee witterstaetter, said that he was very eager to help out his pals, but also seriously booked.

but then, suddenly, he had a window. a week or so where he thought he might be able to fit the perhapanauts in. he sent us a cover sketch and our hopes soared. our deadline was looming, but we didn't want to discourage him with any of that...

then, with our decision to delay the final issue a month due to time lost from superstorm sandy, the pressure was off and we realized it was all gonna work. not only that, michael hit the original deadline with time to spare.

oh yeah--the pal and comic book icon is michael golden.

let me say that again...MICHAEL GOLDEN!!

right. batman family, marvel fanfare, the micronauts, the nam, bucky o'hare and that little thing called avengers annual no.10...!

and so, i am mighty pleased to announce, that along with the legendary walter simonson, our other variant cover for The Perhapanauts: Danger Down Under! no.5 will be this...

michael--thank you thank you thank you~!
it is...golden!

have a great weekend, everybody~!
smell ya later!


Christian D. Leaf said...

Homina! Homina! Homina!

Matt Wieringo said...

I may never draw again.

Eric Henson said...

Its just so amazing to see so many people rally together to celebrate these awesome characters!

Brian said...