Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Coming Soon!--Watch This Space!


we've got a lot of cool things going on these next few weeks as we (try to ) build excitement and anticipation for the loooooong-awaited (please tell me you're awaiting...?) fifth and final issue of PERHAPANAUTS: DANGER DOWN UNDER!
we'll be playing some trivia, giving away prizes...

...and showing you some glimpses of upcoming Perhapanauts Projects!

so keep checking back--we're sure you're gonna like what you see!


and speaking of liking what you see, might i direct your kind attention to the top of this very page where you will find the long lost "TALES" button--your doorway to our Tales from the Perhaps page, where we invite YOU to tell us YOUR wild and wooly Perhapanauts stories, stories that might transcend time and space, that hammer on the walls of reality, that bend our now quite familiar characters to the whims of your imaginations. These are our Perhapanauts What If? and Elseworld stories, placing our gang in new and unusual situations.

one of the talented artists/storytellers who took up our challenge is our pal, tattoo artist, STEVE GATROST. we've known steve from conventions for a few years now and were delighted when he sent us a beautiful pin-up of molly as way of introduction. (i am looking all over for the jpg of that pin-up and will be posting it later.)
the next comic show i saw steve at and got a chance to chat with him and get to know him, he showed me more of his stunning tattoo designs and told me of his desire to draw a perhapanauts story--he even had an idea for the story! i realized very quickly that he had the WHOLE story and then encouraged him to do it himself, that once it was done, we would be thrilled to debut it on the Tales page.
he got to work.

starting today, we will be posting two pages a day of steve's own 8 page story, "The Flower of Yugao"
steve did it all and it turned out beautifully.

i urge you right now to click the link above and check out steve's masterpiece!

go--you'll be glad you did!

smell ya later!


Unknown said...

I'm a big fan of Steve's work! Can't wait to read the whole thing!

todd said...

more tomorrow, rocky!

Brian said...

Hooked. Looking forward to seeing what happens and who else happens to appear.