Thursday, May 09, 2013

the state of the bedlam address


with twitter and facebook and whatever else is the social media du jour these days it has felt to me for quite a while now that blogs are deader than disco. never to pass this way again--so long blog, s'been good knowin' ya.
of course, i have stated many times that i believe in never say never; in my considerable years on this little blue ball i've seen stranger things and we all know that disco has made a very healthy comeback.


i titled this little love letter the state of the bedlam address for a reason. mostly to bring you up to speed on the doings and goings on here at Perhapanauts Central.

we are now, finally, less than a month away from the long-awaited (hopefully not long-forgotten...) final issue of our australian adventure Perhapanauts: Danger Down Under! i have voiced my frustrations and disappointments at the circumstances that led to this delay before, so i won't bore you with any more of that. but know this--yeah, i'm disappointed by the delay...but overwhelmed at how truly AWESOME i feel this action-packed conclusion is!! the book looks damn good and i CAN'T WAIT for all of you to see it!
craig, eric henson, christian d. leaf, and mike thomas (in the role he was born to color!) did an INCREDIBLE job on making this issue sing and i can't thank each of them enough! wait'll ya see it--you'll know what i'm talkin' about...!

the book finally hits stand on june 5 featuring covers by craig, the incomparable Walter Simonson and the incontrovertible Michael Golden! and a stunning back cover by eric that you'll wanna blow up and hang on your walls!!  (wait'll ya see...   : )

other news on the perhapanauts front includes several Tales From The Perhaps stories in the works with artwork by the likes of Derrick Fish (check out his book, The Wellkeeper), Dave Tata, and Antonio Mastria all to be posted here and/or as extras in the Danger Down Under! trade, due this autumn!

the perhapanauts are going audio! craig and i have been talking with The Audio Comics Company about recording a Perhapanauts Radio Adventure! Audio Comics are some very (very!) talented people who have already produced some amazing audio programs--check out their Starstruck, Honey West, and Titanium Rain selections on iTunes or through Amazon! craig and i are a bit torn, not knowing if there'd be a market for audio 'haps, so if you think you'd be keen to hear the gang come to life, let us know...

of course, craig and i have lotsa other stuff in store--we're ALWAYS thinking of new perhapanauts stuff to waste our time on--and we'll keep ya up to the minute with it here.

so the state of the bedlam is...well enough. sorry for the hiatus between posts; just hadn't had very much to say.


and here with a video that induced a chill to run down my spine, rich woodall sent me this just a little while ago and i thought i'd share. though rich usually has his finger right on the pulse of all things weird, this video first made it's debut a couple of years back, but we didn't come across it 'til just now. either way, i dig it.
thanks, rich!!

and so that's it for now
take care!
smell ya later!


Anonymous said...

Cool video....


Brian said...

Thanks for all the 411, Todd.

todd said...

my pleasure, brian--sorry to leave ya hangin' for so long.

Warren said...

Glad to see an new Perhapapost! Hope you guys make it to Heroes Con in Charlotte this year. :)

Anonymous said...

I know its premature to ask since the last issue has yet to be released even, but do you have an estimated release date for the TPB?

todd said...

Not officially, Anonymous. Sometime late this year or early next, I'm sure...

Chase said...

Thanks for the information Todd. I look forward to the TPB since I cant get the singles from where I live. If you do not mind answering another question, why was this series not made into an ongoing after you decided to switch over to Image? I love your series and would have loved an ongoing.

todd said...

Hi, Chase~
Sorry--I didn't see this comment/question until just now...
Truth is, Craig and I had every intention of making The Perhapanauts an ongoing monthly with our move to Image; we certainly had the stories in line and Craig is both incredibly talented--and fast! So no problem keeping the book coming out on a regular schedule.

The problem was--and still is--that independent comic books need to sell AT LEAST 4000 copies to even begin to make a profit and in this very troubled market. There just isn't enough support for our little 'Haps book to make it something we can afford to do as our sole means of income. Craig and I LOVE the Perhapanauts and would love to continue to crank out their outrageous adventures indefinitely, but we still have to pay the bills. Hopefully, someday, that will change. Maybe the 'Haps will suddenly become more popular, maybe someone will do a movie or tv show that will get more people buying our little comic book, maybe more people will start turning their friends onto the Perhapanauts and our Readership will grow large enough for us to carry on. Or maybe I'll will the Powerball.

Until then, all Craig and I can afford to do is work on our favorite comic in our spare time and pop out these short--hopefully exciting--miniseries (with the help of some of our very talented friends...!) and keep the Perhapanauts world spinning.
Also, we can thank YOU and Readers like you who keep telling us you like what we're doing--and telling your friends what a fun book it is.

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