Monday, May 27, 2013

let's perhapanaut!!


well, let me tell you, the other day i came home from doing some errands to find, sitting on my front porch in a transparent garbage bag 'cause it just wouldn't stop raining around here but that's not the worst of it, it was COLD! i mean, we'd had a few days of temperatures in the 8os and then--boom!--drops right down to the 4os and even getting down into the 3os at night! what IS this?!?!? anyway...wait...where was i...? oh yeah, so i come home from errands to find this box on my porch and what should it be...? you guessed it perhaps-fans--a whole big box of perhapanauts: danger down under! no.5 featuring 3 gorgeous, glorious covers by the masters--walter simonson, michael golden, and craig rousseau!!! and INSIDE each issue--action-packed, power-punching artwork by craig and eric henson--with lyrical inks by christian d. leaf!

it's here! WILL be in about 10 days...

so to get everyone ready for the grand GRANDE Finale, we'll be here and on our facebook page reminding everybody what we've been building to and maybe encourage everyone to re-read issues 1 through 4 of this story arc to refresh your memories after this long 4 month delay.

one cool thing you can check out to get your perhapanauts on is the latest episode of THE FLOPCAST podcast featuring kevin and kornflake, where kornflake relates the tale of discovering the 'haps in a comic shop called the heroes legacy in connecticut. we'd like to thank kornflake, heroes legacy, and the state of connecticut for the very kind words and for supporting our little comic book. especially kornflake.

(i urge you to listen to the entire episode, but if you're in a hurry, kornflake starts talking about us around 13 minutes in...)

check it out!
smell ya later!

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Anonymous said...

Can't wait for that Walt Simonson cover! A living legend...