Monday, August 05, 2013

It's True! It's True!


as a matter of fact, i HAVE just returned from a weekend of recording the very first PERHAPANAUTS AUDIO COMIC in beautiful downtown Portland with the fantastic people at (go there and buy their stuff! it's great!)

And the weekend was GREAT as well!
First, though, I stopped off at Craig's to see him and Trish and the kids (and Fred the Dog--love that Fred the Dog!!) Kids and I made Creepy Crawlers, we all went out for dinner with Trish's folks, then ice cream!, then Craig and I talked long into the night about the state of comics and the future of the Perhapanauts. I also was there to drop off cases of Tellos Colossal Vol.2 for MATT and SUZANNE to sell at the MIKE WIERINGO SCHOLARSHIP table at the Boston Comic Con this past weekend. Hope you saw them and maybe picked up a book.

Sadly, I had to miss Matt and Squeeze as I was headed farther north to attend and participate in an absolutely fabulous recording session of The Perhapanauts Radio Adventure: Chimaera Wanna Tellya Somethin'! Produced by the AudioComics Company and written by me, the Director of this Audio Movie was the phenomenal BILL DUFRIS (golden throated book narrator and renowned voice actor). He and producers LANCE ROGER AXT and ELAINE LEE (yes, Starstruck, that Elaine Lee...!) put together an incredible cast to bring our colorful creations to audio life! More on the cast and the session later, I just wanted to let you know that, had you heard rumors that this was going on--Yes, Perhapa-gang~~IT'S TRUE!!

Lance and Bill plan to have the show ready for your listening pleasure this fall, with a tentative release on Halloween! How Perhapappropriate...

Here are a couple pics to prove I'm not lying.

Director Bill Dufris (in faded red shirt)
with (left to right)
Lance Roger Axt as Cricket Sergeant Brian Mulcahy,
Joshua Hughes as Cricket Commander Khial Forges,
Christopher Price as Big, and 
Brent Askari as Cricket Newbie Jeff McCluskey

Stay tuned to this Perhapanaut Station for further news!

smell ya later!


Brian said...

Craig was giving me a verbal sneak peak of the cast and I must say I was very amused.

todd said...

I told Lance that you had a sweet Boston accent and he did a crazy good job! I think you're gonna like how this plays--You and Khial are in charge of getting a LOT of the information out there.

Matt Wieringo said...

One more reason to look forward to Halloween! Can't wait for this. I loved THE MIST audio dramatization and this sounds right up my alley. Glad you had fun with it.

And THANKS for the cases of books. You were TOO generous, brutha! I hope you don't mind but I gave a copy of Vol. 1 to Edward Smith's daughter Riley. She's a pistol and was just fascinated by Mike's drawing of Koj on our banner.

Lance said...

Just so's ev'rybody knows, the site address is

If you go to you get some weird Japanese site...