Sunday, August 18, 2013

The Perhapanauts Ten Buck Bonanza: Week 1~ plus, Modern Myths in Massachusetts!


so here we are at day one of week one of our all new spectacular summer sale, the perhapanauts ten buck bonanza! (insert awesome logo here~)

that's right, starting today, we're blowing the doors off our inventory to make room for new stuff in our warehouse! this means incredible deals for you, the discerning perhapanauts fan, as we offer amazing discounts on t-shirts, trades, prints, and other cool stuff! here's a great opportunity to pick up some great gifts for those great people in your lives!

this week we're offering the t featuring the hottest chupacabra in comics; our choopie!
on a, fittingly, blood red background, you can proudly show your love for this little pain in the @$$!


just $10!
that's what i said; $10.
(plus $2 shipping and handling)

quantities are limited, so order yours today!
like, right now!

and every ten buck bonanza order comes with this exclusive HAPS bumper sticker!
(which is cool!)

so order NOW!!!


and as if that weren't cool enough news, craig and i will be signing at MODERN MYTHS Comic Books and Games in beautiful Northampton Mass. this saturday, august 24th, between 12 noon and 3 pm. we'll be talking this up on our Facebook pages and such as well, but if you're in the Northampton area, come out and see us!

we'll be signing all of the various 'Haps issues and trades--and pretty much anything else you might wanna put down in front of us!
it'll be fun! see ya there!

now go have a nice monday!
 smell ya later!

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