Monday, August 26, 2013

Ten Buck Bonanza!!--This week: The Perhapanauts TRIANGLE Trade!


i know what you're all waiting for...the Big Announcement!

well, perhaps-fans, our second big super-summer sale, TEN BUCK BONANZA item is ...


featuring the now classic perhapanauts issues 1 through 5 of our all-new IMAGE series as well as the jersey devil cursed Perhapanauts Annual and a lotta other great extras, this collection was as steal at $17.99!
but now, for this week only, this trade can be yours for the TEN BUCK BONANZA price of just TEN BUCKS!!

(plus, $3 shipping and handling)
(well, maybe not so much the handling--we do that for free. mostly it's for the shipping)

head on over to our all-new, all-cool perhapanauts marketplace by clicking the "store" button above, and get to orderin'! and the TRIANGLE trade makes a great gift! (i know i always say that and it always sounds so cheesy--but it's true!)

that's it for today...but be here wednesday when warren newsom and manly wade wellman  tell us what a gardinel is...

have a great day!
smell ya later!

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