Saturday, February 11, 2006

outta sites


the other day i said that i'd list a few of the books and websites that i've happened upon in my continuing search for stories and info about strange stuff...and then totally skipped the websites.

here, then, are a few of those;
the site seems endless. not only does it provide up-to-the-minute daily updates on all things paranormal, scientific, and conspiratorial, one could get lost for months on end in their vast archives section! it's huge! a veritable cornucopia of information! wanna read about the recent chupacabra flap in chile? the bigfoot expedition being mounted in malaysia? a glowing pig? this is the place.
while this site also provides daily updated reports on the paranormal and supernatural, it's the amazing true paranormal stories section (updated each month) that i like to check out. but even more than that, readers' actual personal accounts of encounters with all KINDS of weird stuff--in the weird creatures/monsters section--has given me the creeps on many late nights! check out the creature from the dump or click on some of the bigfoot confrontations. that these are stories have been submitted by regular readers make them all the more chilling. to me anyway. i guess they COULD be makin' some of these up (i like to think that i can tell by the way it's written), but i'm fox mulder. i WANT to believe.
just found this a short while ago and haven't really explored it to it's fullest, but this is a really nice site with some constantly expanding section on ufos and extraterrestrials, cryptozoology, ghosts and vampires, and another nice reader submitted section.

and though I did mention loren coleman's site at, i'll mention it again because it's the place to go for anything cryptid related. this man is THE authority when it comes to mysterious creatures!

and, before i go, back onto the books again. i recently have become hooked on the "weird" books, available exclusively at barnes and noble and put out by mark sceurman and mark moran, the guys who put out the weird nj magazine. originally these guys complied some of the more interesting and bizarre articles from their new jersey focused periodical and published what became the first in a series, "weird nj". soon all the other states got jealous and people began sending in reports/accounts/articles from all over the country and the boys just couldn't keep up. i've read weird nj, new england, new york, u.s., and ohio now and i guess there's about 6 or 7 more (pennsylvania, wisconsin, illinois--the list goes on!) each book is packed with ghost stories, strange creatures, urban legends, bizarre people, abandoned theme parks, etc. check 'em out--there's prob'ly one about YOUR state.

and that's it from me. what about you? what are you reading?
and what have you seen? let me know.



Kojee said...

Thanks for the links!!!!! Awesome stuff.

todd said...

hey, kojee!
saw your blog!
'e' me if/when you get a chance.