Thursday, February 02, 2006

perhapanauts 3 is OUT! plus, a note about the letters

hey, perhapapals!

not that you needed ME to tell you the good news but perhapanauts 3 hit the stands yesterday and the reviews are already in!
it's a hit! a great big, in-your-face, stop-the-presses, smash hit! we're getting calls from people all over the country--nay, the WORLD!--poised at the edge of their seats, desperately demanding the next issue! now that both issues one and two have totally sold out, and orders for the trade are already streaming in, we just can't get this book out fast enough! as the cartoon network and kids wb battle for which branch of warner animation will win the cartoon rights to the perhapanauts (at the time of this writing a compromise appears to be in the offing with kids wb producing kid friendly shows while cartoon network creates more suspense/horror-themed episodes for their adult swim format), dark horse has struck a deal with lucasfilms and paramount to handle the live action film scheduled for summer 2007! and mezco is working around the clock on the perhapanauts action figures! this is true! it's all happening!

i'm sure.

in some other dimension.


perhapa-mania is sweeping the globe.

but here in our world we still need some help. i don't wanna sound like i'm complaining here, but it is so hard for a small title to make it in this current comics market. with corporate cross-overs leading the way (with tie-ins to every other book they publish), and frank miller's heavy-handed slap in the face STILL not getting through (don'tcha get it? he's screaming at you to stop being sheep.), a little book like the perhapanauts gets washed away.
so tell your friends, post some messages, shout it from the rooftops; the perhapanauts ain't so bad.


anyway, here's the other thing; we are getting countless letters and e-mails about the letters pages in the backs of the comics. no, they are not real. the issues and stories that those letters refer to have not yet been published.

in this dimension, anyway.

enjoy them and imagine what those comics look like.
and, if you're feeling creative, please feel free to send me some of your own.
that'd be fun.

so go buy the perhapanauts #3. for me. for craig. for the sake of the small title.

and if you're in the boston/new england area, craig and i will be appearing at the
primate promotions/monkeyhouse show in boston at the radisson on sunday, february 19th!
for more info, check out:

hope to see ya there!

take care~~


Jason Copland said...

I got my issue #3. I just haven't had the time to sit and read it. Soon, though. Very soon.

todd said...

yeah. i am absolutely certain that that's what frank miller is doing. we're all a bunch of lemmings buying whatever the company(s) thrust at us and he's trying to wake us all up before we go over the cliff.
but that's just me. i could be wrong.
anyway, thanks for all the hard work and plugs.

i know what it's like when you don't have the time to sit and relax with a noce book. really hope you dig it when you finally get the chance.

Jason Copland said...

Hey Todd,
I finally had some time and sat down and read a few comics, one of them being Perhapanauts #3.

Overall, I enjoyed it quite a bit. The only thing that struck a sour note for me was the way the first story ended so abruptly. There didn't seem to be enough of a resolution to the tale. It just ended. I guess I was expecting the story to continue for the 4 issue run, so it through me off when it ended when it did.

Not a big deal, but I thought I'd put that out there for you.

With that all said, I really enjoyed the other story and the prologue. I'm looking forward to the next issue to see more of that freaky vampire/demon chick!