Monday, February 27, 2006

the rule of 3


seems i'm always apologizing for being away for too long, but it's been a long week.
and a sad one too.
isn't it weird that celebrities go in 3's? i was sad to hear that long time red sox announcer (and for me the voice of the american sportsman) curt gowdy passed away last weekend, remembering sunday afternoons when i was a very little kid watching the american sportsman with my father. but i wasn't sure if he was well-known enough to be part of one of these celebrity trifectas.
still not sure...
then i heard that don knotts died on saturday whom i will always remember more as bumbling, bug-eyed barney fyfe than as the comically suspicious mr. furley. i grew up on a steady diet of andy griffith (and i love lucy, and the flintstones, and...) re-runs and so he was just another guy i knew from my childhood.
but what hurt more (emotions are odd things, huh?) was when, on sunday, i read of the passing of darrin mcgavin. certainly an idol for me as the cunning, conning kolchak on tv's night stalker, hunting down the mysterious and the macabre. but more for his turn as the furnace-fighting, award-winning, quietly compassionate dad in 1984's a christmas story. one of my absolute favorite movies, mostly 'cause, though i didn't grow up in the 40's, THAT is my family and THAT was my childhood.
and that is my dad.
sad losses all.
gentlemen, rest in peace.

but here's the thing. when celebrities go in 3's, it's usually 3 from the same list, or at least close. A-list, B-list, D-list, whatever, but i don't know if curt was on or near the same list as don knotts and darrin mcgavin. and it's only been a day or two. not to sound cold or insensitive, but on the celebrity playing field, does curt count?
i hope so.

anyway, that's a weird entry.

and apparently it's entry 18.

see ya in a day or 2.

nope. i was wrong.
there goes dennis weaver.


Kojee said...

Barney Fife. Definitely one of the greatest characters in TV history. The greatest in my mind. I've seen every episode of The Andy Griffith Show. Some episodes thirty or forty times.(I used to collect the series on VHS.)

I was pretty sad when I heard the news about Don Knotts. I read his autobiography a few years back, and he seemed like a really decent guy, despite a rough background.

Of course, I didn't know Don Knotts in real life, but the world seems a little colder now that he's gone.

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