Wednesday, March 29, 2006

3 tales from rich


a couple years ago i had the pleasure of meeting these two friends of craigs, rich woodall and matt talbot, at a small comics show in boston.. rich and matt, artists both, write and draw this fun little book called JOHNNY RAYGUN. i don't say "little" to be condescending in any way, only in the sense of its small press, indy, low-profile standing. JOHNNY is published sporadically by jetpack press (our pal ralph dibernardo) and while the print and distribution may be small, the scope of this book is anything but! johnny's enthralling intergalactic adventures--as well as his intergalactic friends--are what comics should be all about! fun! fun! and fun! these are the kindsa tales i used to thrill to when i was a kid trying to fill my head with as much wonder as i could find! if you get a chance--pick up an issue and check it out! i guarantee, you'll want the rest!

so, anyway, i know these guys. we chat. (they are, by the way, doing a gorgeous pin-up for us in the upcoming perhapanauts trade. actually, it's done. i'll post it here in a few days--it's incredible...!)

so after my loss of momentum on this blog--which i spoke about last time--rich goes back and checks it out and sends me some waaaaay cool/weird/unexplained stories of his own. which i told him i'm gonna post right now.

here they are.

I just read that you liked Communion, my parents
> live up in Laconia and my Mom swears she saw
> a UFO up there. I've always loved this stuff too...
> I've got 3 creepy stories...
> when I was a kid (around
> 8-9ish) during a walk w/ my parents around our
> neighborhood. I have no idea what it was, but it was
> night, really dark out, and we're walkin' by a house
> and behind the house standing next to a tree was
> something, I don't know what, but I could see a
> shadow in the darkness... you don't think black
> could get any blacker, but it was there, big, black
> thing... looked like it was watching us. I was so
> scared...
> And then there was the time(again as a kid in
> Arkansas) I was at a friends house and we were
> playing in his room and I went to open his closet
> door and it was locked, so I asked him why it was
> locked and he said it was a door to hell (now I'm a
> Baptist, so I take hell very serious) so in the
> middle of the night, I'm sleeping in the living
> room, and my friend is in his room, I wake up and I
> see his f$%#in' closet door open. That was it...
> very scary...
> The last one happened when I was 20 living in an
> apartment in Nashua. I had 2 roommates, I was the
> only one that had a job, so I had to go to bed at a
> reasonable hour. So it's like 11 or so and I hit the
> sack. Like 10 minutes pass and I hear my roommates
> fighting like crazy in the living room, so I yell at
> them to shut up. they shut up and I start to fall a
> sleep... then I can feel my blanket being pulled off
> of me, and I can't move, I was frozen, really
> freaking out, I could look around, but I couldn't
> move my body... then I fell asleep... woke up in the
> morning w/ no covers very strange.. so I ask my room
> mates about them fighting and they tell me that they
> took off right after I went to bed and they didn't
> have a fight... then about 2 weeks later my room
> mate asks me if I came into his room in the middle
> of the night and sat on his bed. I told him I didn't
> and then told him my story, and he said that he
> swears that someone came in and sat on his bed and
> touched his leg. Freaked me out!
> Anyway, thought I'd share my little creepy bits...
> also living in Arkansas, I lived near Boggy Creek,
> my dad would tell me stories about the swamp and
> witches that lived in them... no wonder I'm so
> screwed up now :)

thanks, rich!
as i was posting this, he sent me another one...
i'll post that on friday.

take care~~


Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

Thanks Todd! Awe, memories of stuff that scares the crap out of you, good times! Thanks for the plug too!

*Sorry, I accidentally deleted this the first time I wrote it...

matt said...

Dang, those stories are messed up!

Also, Communion is an awesome flick. One of the few movies that truly left a scarring impression on me. The sequence of the alien head looking around the door at night is just burned onto my brain... I remember it instantly whenever I wake up during the middle of the night.

Also, Communion is a rare example of a movie wherein Chris Walken is not the creepiest thing on screen at any given time. Good times, good times.

todd said...
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todd said...

yeah, matt! that scene is the one that scares the bejeezus outta me too...everytime! (hair on the back of my neck standing up as i think about it!)
i have a vhs copy of "the ufo incident" (based on "the interrupted journey") that also kills me! its not the aliens or anything visual. its a huge, hypnotized screaming in terror james earl jones that just makes me pull the blanket up high! awesome!
and rich, i dunno if you're being sarcastic or not, but reminiscing about the stuff that scares me ARE good times--i'm a freak that way, but i love it!
thanks for everything, you guys--i didn't ask craig, but would you have any compunctions against my posting the pin-up here first?
lemme know.

Anonymous said...

Go for it, we did it for you guys, as far as I'm concerned it's your art, you can post it any time you'd like!

And Yeah, I love being scared, I grew up with fear, it's heathy! :)

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