Friday, March 24, 2006


well, mostly 'cause i just haven't had anything to say...

that's the answer i've given to my friends and family (you know who you are...) when they ask me why i haven't put anything up on the blog in, what, a week? and for those who know me (and you know who you are...) hear that, they just laugh their asses off. because, if you know me...and i think you do...i ALWAYS have something to say. i am always talking, always asking questions, always telling stories--you can't shut me up. many have tried. can't be done.

but lately, i just really haven't thought that i've had anything that anyone else would really want to hear. every time i sat down to write about something i was interested in or saw on tv or found funny, i've allowed that little editor in the back of my brain talk me out of it. "bor-ring!" "who cares!" "don't waste their time!"

so i got nothin'.

well, maybe not nothing. i notice that on everybody's blogs they list the stuff they're reading, watching, listening to. and maybe that's it. everything i'm reading, watching, listening to is old stuff--good stuff--but stuff i've already read, watched, and heard. i've been re-reading the dc comics/paradox press big books--all of 'em--in order. cool, fascinating stuff, but been there, read that. this past week i watched saving private ryan (for the, like, 5th time!), kill bill vol.s I and II (for the 3rd time!) and the green mile (prob'ly the 4th time). last night it was my name is earl, the office, and ER--so that was kinda new. and i haven't been listening to a lot of music 'cause i've been listening to "harry potter and the half-blood prince" in the car. (for the second time! but while we're on this; if you haven't heard any of the harry potter books on audio, you're missing a real treat! jim dale is just INCREDIBLE! there is no one--hands down!--more gifted at reading and lending voices to characters as this guy! he's won a slew of awards for it and deserves even more!) don't miss out! they're--and he's--great!(okay, so i can get excited about that...)

so anyway, here's what i'm seeing. winter, cold, i become withdrawn, curl up and watch and read things that are comfortable, familiar, soothing. that's okay, but now, obviously, i'm kinda lethargic. i'm not challenging myself with new information, new stimuli, new adventures. i'm totally zoned out. and all because i'm not exercising my brain.

i gotta get out. go hiking with jake.
get a new book.
or two!
or three!
rent some new movies!
or buy 'em!
interact with some people and have some stimulating conversation!
what am i wasting my time writing this for!
i'm outta here!

and i suggest you do the same.
(and you know who you are...)


so--what's everybody watching, reading, listening to.
i need some suggestions.


Anonymous said...

Todd, I love Jim Dale, I read the books, then listened to the audio tapes, and it was like he perfectly captured all the magic of ALL the characters! So awesome! Then when I saw the movies, unfortunately I had my expectations of what everyone sounded like and was sadly disappointed... even the female characters should have sounded like Jim... oh well...

todd said...

hey, rich! nice blog!
yeah, i've found that i'm not so much disappointed voice-wise, but am sometimes thrown by the casting. mainly, in the last film, mad-eye moody--in the book they portrayed him as older, thinner, more weathered. i actually worked with an older man who fit the part so well that i was just expecting someone similar. not that brendan gleason did a bad job--he's a fine actor--but i was expecting someone built a bit more like...james cromwell.
as for your blog; sweet! i dig many of the same movies but am surprised by your choices 'cause i'm so much older than you. i'll hafta (b)log mine...
thanks for checkin' the blog out! and commentin'!
i'll talk to ya later,

Jason Copland said...

Hey Todd. Here's what has been entertaining me resently:
I've been going through my season 3 DVD set of Newsradio. Man, I love that show. Phil Hartman, Andy Dick and the gang were all amazing. Funny, funny stuff.
I've got a top 20 movie list here ( if you are looking for some movie suggestions for your next trip to the store.
Comics I'm diggin'..... Walking Dead, Exterminators, Fear Agent, Robotika, Godland, Batman 100....your book, of course.... lots more. What are you readin'?
Music I'm listening to these days... old Judas Priest, David Gilmour, Kate Bush, Beastie Boys, April Wine. I listen to old stuff, mostly. Although, I heard a band called Metric, today, and really dug it. It's Canadian, though, so it might be had to find in the States.
I hear you about self-editing yourself, in regards to blogging. Many a time I've started a blog post only to stop halfway through and think, "Who's going to care about this?"
Anyways, keep at it, man. I'm enjoying this blog.

Brian said...

Just came in from the cold and the grey, so here's
what's keeping me going till the warm weather
arrives for good.

TV Shows - Veronica Mars. Consistently the best written characters on TV, which of course means it probably won't survive the coming UPN/WB merger. Maybe if they go all CSI and disect a new student each week in biology class, this show will get the audience it deserves.

Comics - Just reade Hawkgirl No. 50 by Simonson and Chaykin and it was excellent. This is the book which I'm most looking forward to next month (N.B. Only because there will be no 'Haps next month).

Novels - Just started "S is for Silence" by Sue Grafton. 19th book in the series and, with the exception of the occasional slip here and there, still holding my interest and delivering the goods.

Up coming comic that has caught my interest other than the next 'Haps mini. "The Clobber's Monster." Craig's got another preliminary piece up on his blog that looks great.

craig rousseau said...

...was just flipping through the latest entertainment weekly and read stephen king's column about great tv shows this season... and my list would be exactly the same, brother.

24, battlestar galactica, lost, veronica mars, the shield...

and of course, the new scots cd is a good listen.

Kojee said...

Wow! Look at all the responses! Nice to see some life around here!