Saturday, March 18, 2006

is mercury in retrograde...?


i have been having the absolute worst luck with anything technology based these past few days. the blog won't load, i can't return e-mails ("delivery failure" notices from yahoo--sorry, kojee, sorry josh--i'll get 'em out to ya when i can...), and the other night i melted my butter dish when i put it down on the burner on my stove. okay, so that last one is just me being an idiot...

but things just aren't running smoothly.

and mercury might just be the answer. my best friend/ex-girlfriend, dani, used to let me know when this was going to happen because, apparently, in the celestial alignment of things (planets) when the other planets get too far behind mercury in their movements around the sun, communication (of all types; verbal, electronic, tech, emotional) get totally "f___ed" up. i originally dismissed it as a loada hooey, but over the's true, it's TRUE!

now this usually happens two or three times a year and lasts for about 7 to 10 days. sometimes dani would tell me ahead of time and i'd just say, "well, i'm noticing it 'cause i'm looking for it." but it was the times she'd tell me AFTER the fact, when i'd look back at all the chaos of the previous week or so that made me believe. "oh, yeah, "she'd say, "mercury was in retrograde."

so i'm guessing it must be now, 'cause things are goin' blooey. i apologize for not being able to get back to you josh. i'll keep trying and hope the stars don't get in my way.

actually, i hope this loads.

take care.


Jason Copland said...

It loaded for me.... but in a really strange format. Not the usual look. I think I read that Blogger was having server problems.... but that doesn't account for your e-mail and butter dish! ;)

Damn you, Mercury. Damn you.

todd said...

well, it seems to be loading up okay now...
>knock wood<
thanks for your patience, you guys.
i'm gonna try to post again tomorrow and see what happens.
talk to ya later.

Brian said...

Hi Todd,

As you feared, Mercury is indeed in retrograde. It started on March 2nd and will end of the 25th at 8:42 a.m.

The schedule for Mercury in Retrograde the rest of this year is:

July 4th to July 28th and October 28th to November 17th.

Hang in there my friend,


todd said...

thanks, brian!!
yeah, i knew it!
after awhile i think i can FEEL when it's messin' with me. thanks for checkin' that out!