Friday, March 17, 2006

the fail-safe

apparently, if you don't post for, like, a week or so, this blog shuts down and denies access to everybody. not a bad motivator, actually, for a deadbeat like me. hafta remember that.

and apologies to everyone who tried and found themselves locked out. i was locked out too as a matter of fact. i was both busy and uninspired--not much of an excuse, sorry--and everyday would try to think of yet another way that i could write something that not only YOU, but I would be excited about. news on the perhapanauts front is good--we're going to be moving ahead and the next 4 issue series is in production as we speak (type), but,'s the state of the industry that's kinda got me guessing. not only are sales fairly low on the perhapanauts, but in this current market, it's just so hard to even get noticed. i dunno, i don't mean to brag or anything, but i think we have a fun little book here. but with marvel and dc glutting the shelves with this new wave of crossover madness (isn't that what killed us last time?!), little books like ours are just getting trampled. maybe that fact got me down a little and made me fall away from my blog requirements. for that i am truly sorry.

(also, i thought that the only person reading this was kojee and he and i had drifted into a more e-mail correspondence...)

anyway, i am sorry all. if you're reading this, please don't hesitate to comment and let me know you're there. or if you're shy, drop me an 'e' at

so my apologies again! thanks to brian for 'e'ing me and letting me know that the blog was down.
hopefully this got it back up and running. here's a cool picture by craig!
see ya soon!


Kojee said...

Great to hear the second series is being planned. I need a reason to continue going to my comic shop. 'Cuz DC's "52" sure isn't going to get me there.(..and neither is Marvel's Civil War, for that matter.)

Brian said...

Congrats on getting the second 'Haps series. Hopefully the first trade - the extras sound great - will build your audience and kick up sales for the second series.

As for "52" and Civil War, I'm with kojee on this one. I'm feeling a little cross over-extended at this point and will be sitting them out.

Jason Copland said...

A second series of the Perhapanauts is great news! Great news, indeed!!