Wednesday, October 04, 2006

all over the place...


i use the analogy of spinning plates a lot and realized that some people might not know what that is. traditionally, it's an old vaudeville act where a guy or girl comes out with a stand or stands fitted with thin rods positioned at varying heights. they then proceed to get any number of plates spinning atop the wiggling wobbling rods, usually to the tune of the urgently frenetic "saber dance", eventually having to race from plate to plate, giving each a quick flick to keep them going. when i was a kid you would see this act show up from time to time in between the beatles and topo gigo on "ed sullivan", the last bastion of the dying vaudeville. it is both exciting and exhausting to watch.
and amazing.

i am currently spinning a lot of plates and so am going to rely on andrew's amazing talent to cover for me.

here, of course, are more pictures of andrew wiernicki's fantastic choopie statue (commissioned by craig)!
as you can see, andrew is truly a master at this and, in my humble opinon, has not only brought our bragadocious little bloodsucker to incredible 3-d life, he's also done a phenomenal job of retaining all of the signature craig rousseau traits inherent in choopie; the stance, the mouth, the different types of hair (check out the chest, the chin, and the forearms!!)

thanks, andrew! you're doing an awesome job!

and while we're here, let's start a little countdown to the premieere of PERHAPANAUTS:SECOND CHANCES #1--in stores october 25! got your orders in?

perhapanauts:second chances #1 in 21 days...

smell ya later!


Brian said...

Wow, that's great. Not only does it really capture the character, but it's a very dynamic and exciting pose as well.

Brian said...

Speaking of the Perhapanauts, over at Amazon, they have posted this note on the 'Haps page.

"Only 2 left in stock--order soon (more on the way)."

I'd say that's pretty good news.

todd said...

except that they only had 3...

: )

and sithboy--
yeah, i'm with you! craig and i are looking into having casts made and finding out what the cost of doing that would be to see if we'll be able to make them available.
i'd love one of my own! (and don't wanna hafta visit craig everytime i wanna see it...)
and thanks for the good words on the new series--i can't wait for everyone to see it...!

Brian said...

They need the Choopie Butt cards.

Mike Wieringo said...

That CHOOPIE sculpt is one of the coolest things I've ever seen....! :-)