Monday, October 23, 2006

some stuff for a gray monday


so, anyway, it's kinda gray and cloudy and just slightly chilly here in upstate ny this afternoon and i just came in from a walk with jake, my dog. though we talked a bit, he was really more interested in playing with his ball in the leaves and i was left to ponder over my two minor concerns; how to best word a snippet of dialogue toward the conclusion of perhapanauts:second chances 3 and what to use as a subject for today's blog entry.

the obvious answer to the latter would be--HEY! PERHAPANAUTS:SECOND CHANCES #1 is coming out THIS WEDNESDAY!!! Though I've run the cover and even several of the first few pages here on the blog in the past--this IS the perhapablog, after all--I felt that maybe I've been too much of a hard sell and maybe should back off a bit. I mean, we don't want you to get SICK of the thing before it's even out! right?

so i thought i'd do what i did a week or so ago and mention some of the cool things i've been looking at or listening to or whatever lately.

first thing is, i think EVERYBODY should subscribe to a daily dose of calvin and hobbes over at
there is, in my simple opinion, no better way to start your day than having these two show up in your inbox every morning! bill watterson is an absolute god when it comes to telling stories in a strip and though they are ten or so years old, they STILL are so far ahead of their time!

second, sharon and i have been working as hard as we can catching up on 'lost' season 2. (i've taped the first few episodes of season 3 so we'll be able to catch up soon enough. and yes, i said taped. i don't have tivo...yet. yes, i know it's amazing, you don't know how you lived without it. i get it. i'll get it. i just can't afford to get one at the moment.) season 2, of course, is blowing me away and i am constantly amazed at how exciting and clever the writing is! can't wait to get caught up!

and on the heels of the one above, for those of you (fools!) who don't check out my pal, mike wieringo's blog regularly, ( he just did a week of sketches of some of the members of the cast. here's one of my favorites (both the sketch and the character), but head on over to mike's site to check out the rest. he's awesome!

also, i think that this should be standard practice for fire departments...

playing around on ebay recently, i stumbled across this action figure/toy i had when i was a little kid. i had completely forgotten about it until i saw it again.
it kinda explains a lot...

and that's it!

i won't remind you all to make sure you pick up a copy of perhapanauts:second chances #1 at your local comic shop this wednesday! and i won't tell you to tell your local comic shop owner that he should keep the trade in stock.
and i'm not gonna say--

smell ya later!


Brian said...

Actually, Jake and I were just instant messaging each other and as it turns out, he wasn't just playing with his ball, he was also working on a solution to your dialogue problem and wanted to run it by me first. Not to sound like too much of a cheerleader, I think the little genius nailed it.

Here it is:

Big: "arf, arf, arf!"

Man, I don't know about you, but I think that sets up the opening splash of Issue 4 perfectly.


P.S. Jake says no need to credit him.

Jason Copland said...

So, wait... what was it that comes out this Wednesday, again.....?


Brian said...

What's coming out Wednesday, as if you didn't know. It's Boneyard, baby, Boneyard. We've been waiting patiently to find out what happened with Abby and Michael at the Luminary's party since last summer and tomorrow we finally get to read it.

Have the guy at your LCBS throw a copy in between those 4 copies of the Perhapanauts that are on your pull list.