Tuesday, October 31, 2006

happy halloween!


i've been watching horror movies on amc and sci-fi for the past week, have been looking desperately to find some story, some article, someTHING to post to add to your hopefully already creepy halloween...and i got nothin'.

brian mulcahy found me a great article/update from the boston globe on the dover demon, the creepy creature that we talked about a month or so ago that was originally sighted in dover, massachusetts almost 30 years ago and will appear in perhapanauts:second chances #3. if you are so inclined, here's where you can read that.

i also have a few more pictures of the finished choopie statue that craig sent over...

as for a scary--or hopefully scary--halloween story, i offer the following.

Disappearing Being
by Whitewater

I traveled from Greenville, Texas to the area where I was raised, Neligh, Nebraska, in mid October to camp out in the Neligh park and bow hunt for deer in the Oakdale, NE area. One morning I hunted some land about 1/2 mile north of Oakdale, next to some irrigated farm land my cousins were renting. I had hunted this land previous years and had scouted the area a couple of days before and had put up a tree stand. I arrived before daylight and had just crossed the fence from the cornfield into the old pasture to an old river bank near my stand.

Daylight was just beginning. I became aware that I was not alone. To my right, I could sort of see another being headed in the same direction about 8 - 10 feet from me. I say "sort of see" because initially it seemed like this being was not solid, and I could see partially through him and see the trees in the background. The being then seemed to become aware of me and stopped and turned to stare at me. At this point, he became more solid, and I could no longer see through him.

He appeared to have no covering on his head, except dark curly hair about two inches long. He had dark, piercing eyes, no facial hair and features that were unique from any person I had ever seen. I had been all over the world during my 22 years in the US Navy, and this being did not really resemble any particular type of person I had ever known. The closest resemblance was perhaps to native American Indian, but still quite different.

He appeared to be covered in something tight fitting of solid texture in dark gray or dark green color, not cloth. His feet were covered with what seemed to be a continuance of his clothing. He had nothing in his hands, which appeared to be very similar to mine. He seemed to be quite muscular and several inches taller than me (maybe 6'6" - 7'). We looked at each other for about 30 seconds. He showed no fear, only some curiosity, as he broke eye contact to look me over. Curiosity, with an absence of fear was what I also felt. At the end of the 30 or so seconds, he partially turned away from me and within another 5 or 10 seconds, became transparent and disappeared. I have not had any similar experiences on subsequent visits to the area.

and here's another quick one.

Ghost or Doll
by John Pinckney

While my wife and I were watching television, I noticed through my peripheral vision what appeared to be a girl gliding out on to a loft on the second floor of our house next to my daughter's bedroom. The girl was wearing what looked like a transparent vale-type dress and she had no head or face, but rather a dark void where the head should be. The girl came out of my daughter's bedroom and onto the loft, stopped, looked down on us and then glided down the stairs and disappeared. The whole time I saw this, I saw it from my peripheral vision and never looked up at it and I did not mention it to my wife because I thought I was imagining it.

Within seconds of this vision, my wife looked up at the loft and said to me that she thought she saw the girl coming out of the room, and she described it exactly the same way I saw it. I quickly went to check on my daughter, who was five at the time, and found her sleeping soundly. We looked at each other in disbelief.

The next morning, I woke up around 4:30 a.m. My daughter came downstairs, saying she did not sleep well last night because her doll was walking around in her room last night.

hope one of 'em gave ya a little chill at least.
and that your halloween is wonderful!
smell ya later!


Brian said...

Thanks for the spooky tails, Todd, just the right thing for this time of year.

We got our usually dozen to fifteen or so trick or treaters, unfortunately, this year, the Mrs. had a speaking engagement, so it was just me and our mostly black cat, Sabrina, giving out the candy.

The Mrs. and i also got to two Halloween parties this weekend. She went as a "Mad Cow" and I covered my ususaly business attire with a bunch of legal papers and went as a "Law Suit" which won the prize for funniest costume. I'm particularly proud of that one as the award was bestowed on me by our friend and professional comedian Bob Gattreau. When you come up wih the funniest costume in a house full of comedians, that's preety good.

todd said...

"law suit"...
very good!

my house is waaaaay off the beaten path, so i never see and 'kertreaters, and though i love kids and love halloween and was invited to go t or t with my neice and nephew, i chose to stay home and try to take a chunk out of the lettering for perhapanauts 3.
reminds me of this girl i used to we chatted and got to know one another, i asked her if she liked kids and she said she liked 'em...but she didn't know if she could finish a whole one.
she was a funny girl.

Brian said...


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