Sunday, October 08, 2006

cabin terror


once again relying on stories from elsewhere.
mostly because i am insane busy--woodworking, lettering haps 2, tweaking the plot to haps 3, putting the finishing touches on mike's modern masters...

and gettin' ready for halloween!!

and for THAT reason i AM gonna scavenge a bit from some other sites to bring you some spooky stories over the next few weeks. the leaves are changing here and i just finished carving my (first?) pumpkin of the year! so let's get scary!!

this one too is from paranormal at about dot com, posted in the "your true stories" section a couple years ago.

this one really stuck with me, not because it has any real investigatible details, but that it's just so scary. true or not, casey tells a good story!

Your True Tales
March 2004

Cabin Terror
by Casey Allgood

This happened to me when I was 17 (now 24) in Southern Missouri near the small town of Forsyth. My cousin and I were staying the weekend at a cabin that our family owns in the Mark Twain National Forest. It was about 10:30 at night and we were just sitting in the back room playing Playstation and talking. Suddenly, my cousin sat up with a frightened look on his face and turned around and looked out the window behind us. I asked him what was wrong and he said, "Something was looking at us from outside the window."

Normally, I would have laughed it off because of his past history of playing pranks and goofing around, but his face was as pale as a corpse. Alarmed, I asked him what it looked like. He said he only saw it for a second and didn't get a good look, but it wasn't human looking at all. He said that when the TV screen went black to load the next stage of the video game, he could see the reflection of the window on the screen. A few moments later my dog, a large rottweiler began barking and growling in the front room. We ran out there and he was frozen solid staring at the door, growling.

I was scared by this time. We stood and stared at the door for a few minutes and nothing happened. I went to the bedroom and grabbed my .22 rifle I had brought along. I walked over and slowly opened the front door and told my dog to "GET 'EM!" Normally this dog would have rushed outside and raised hell with whatever was out there, but he just stood there whimpering and cowering by me. He would not get within five feet of that door. After about five minutes of trying to get my dog to go out, we heard something on the roof. It sounded like something ran from the back of the house to the front. I was scared to death, but curious. We worked up enough courage to walk out onto the front deck. The front deck has a large overhang and sets about five feet off of the ground.We stood on the deck for a few moments. We saw something from the corner of our eyes drop from the roof to the ground and heard it go under the porch.

I said something along the lines of, "Is someone there? I have a gun! You better leave us alone!" Then I heard the most frightening sound I have ever heard in my life. Whatever was under the porch let out a high-pitched scream that lasted only a few seconds. We quickly ran back inside. We continued to hear whatever the thing was outside scurry around outside the cabin. None of the windows in the cabin had blinds or curtains, which made me feel twice as uneasy.

We stayed in the cabin the rest of the night with the lights on, sitting in a corner away from the windows with the gun fully loaded and ready to fire on this thing if it decided it wanted to come inside. We heard a lot of scratching sounds coming from the back door and sounded like the door knob was trying to turn. We heard more scratching coming from the back room where we were at earlier. Finally, the noises stopped and we heard nothing for about four hours. We continued to wait until the sun came up.

It had been daylight for about two hours. We went outside and looked around the cabin. On the back door, there were deep scratch marks and also on the window of the back room their were deep scratch marks on the window pane. We could not find any foot prints because it was fall and there were leaves all over the ground. We packed up our stuff and left in a hurry. Later, I asked my cousin to describe what he had seen in the window. He said he didn't get a good look, but it was a tanish brown color with beady black eyes no hair and sharp teeth. He said that it was grinning at him when he saw it. He said about as soon as he turned around and looked, it quickly ducked down.

This is something that is burned into my mind for the rest of my life. Just typing this has giving me that same feeling of terror I had seven years ago. I have never shared this story with anyone, not even my family. My cousin and I haven't spoken of it since that day. I figured I would share it here because everyone here has had a similar experience and would not call me insane.

that 'reflected in the newly blank tv screen' made the hairs on the back of my neck stand up...

three years ago i carved a pumpkin or two or three with my neice and nephew and, when done, threw the seeds and the guts into the bushes next to my house.
last year, a few weeks before the leaves began turning and falling off the trees, i was out with jake and noticed several bright yellow/orange flowers blossoming in the tops of the bushes and really had to look twice to see that they were, in fact, pumpkin blossoms stemming off of a vine that somehow found enough sunlight beneath the deep dark canopy of leaves to grow and climb and find the light. i looked in to see the vines snaking up and all around the tangle of branches...

...and that's not all...

high above, near the very tops of these bushes, depended a dark green--actually BLACK--pumpkin from an exceptionally strong section of vine. this was easily 16 feet up. i was amazed.

so my pumpkin last year was almost black, needing the sunshine to turn orange and never getting it.


smell ya later!


Brian said...

Good story Todd, thanks for sharing it. Sounds to me like those boys must have had some pie in that cabin, because I'm sure that was Choopie trying to get in.

As for you're black pumpkin, that is amazing. I guess Jeff Goldblum's character from Jurassic Park was right, "Nature will find a way."

Scott Weinstein said...

Black pumpkins. I think you're onto something. That must have been really sppoly at night. Just eyes and a mouth lit up.

todd said...



: )

Jason Copland said...

Great story!

Our pumpkins were a bit of a mixed bag, this year. Most of them are huge and strangely lumpy. One was mostly dark green with about a quarter of it yellowish.