Sunday, January 21, 2007

harry potter and the order of the phoenix trailer


before we go any further, here are the answers to last week's "five on friday".
sorry for all the james arness/gunsmoke trivia--i didn't even really watch the show! it's just a buncha random nonsense that got into my head by osmosis somehow. this friday it's gonna be movie quotes (and i'll try to keep 'em within the past 2 decades...! : )

1. before the program moved to television, “gunsmoke” was one of the most popular radio programs of the day. who performed the role of marshall matt dillon and why didn’t he continue that part onto tv?

actor william conrad portrayed marshall matt dillon (among many other famous characters) on the radio but ws not the exact...shape that the producers of the television series were looking for. in the early 70's, he played private detective frank cannon on the quinn-martin production, "cannon". and in the early nineties, he starred on the tv show "jake and the fatman". he was the fatman.

2. james arness landed the role and played matt dillon through the late fifties, sixties, and into the seventies. at the same time, his younger brother was also starring in a top rated show. who was he and what was the show?

his younger brother is peter graves, star of "mission: impossible" and the "airplane" movies, as well as those new geico ads (the ones without the lizard.)

3. prior to his tv western gig, james arness was dressed as a giant carrot in what famous sci-fi/thriller?

actually, the full name of the flick is "the thing from another planet", but we'll take "the thing".

4. what was the first video played on mtv?

"video killed the radio star" by the buggles. (august 1, 1981)

5. name the weasley's?

bill, charlie, percy, fred, george, ron, and ginny. mom is molly and dad is arthur.

as you can see by that last one, i've been in a harry potter zone this past week. part of it is the fact that the new preview came out for the order of the phoenix. another part is, i think i'm trying to cleanse myself after watching that creep-inducing twin peaks: fire walk with me. another reason is that, when is it NOT a fun time to get all harry potter!

here's what i've done; when the books come out i buy them and read them and then put them on the shelf. a few months later i buy the audio version and re-live it all again. then just before a new book comes out, i'll usually give the last one a listen again! (and, yes, there have been times that i've just started at sorcerer's stone and listened to all 95 plus hours back to back to back!) 'cause here's the thing--reading the books is one thing, a joyous experience that takes me back to hogwart's again and again, but the audio books--and i know i've said this before--are the greatest audio books ever! jim dale is IN-FREAKIN'-CREDIBLE! his is more than a reading, it's a performance and he does it in such a way that each and every character has a distinct and perfectly cast voice! i can't recommend them enough! a sure cure for the winter blues--or anytime you might need a lift--let jim dale immerse you in the world of harry potter! cheer ya up in a second!

also, have you SEEN the harry potter preview? looks awesome!

go here:

okay, i'm outta here.
jake's gettin' his hair cut today and i got a lot to do!
smell ya later!


Bill Nolan said...

I've actually never read a Harry Potter book...

This may seem like an odd question, but are the audio books based on the UK version of the books, or the Americanized ones? That's why I haven't read the books yet, because the ones available to me are "translated" into "American" and that bothers me on some level I can't get past. I'm not stupid; I can figure out what a "lorry" is...

Brian said...

I usually grab books on tape for long car drives, say Boston to Toronto, so I'm definitely going to have to look into getting some Harry Potter on tape the next time I hit the road.

Bill Nolan said...

What? Did Colin warn you about my music? You wouldn't be able to handle 10 or so hours of Kelly Clarkson and the like?

Brian said...

You mean we won't be listening the Sports Talk Radio all the way up and back. I hear around Buffalo, that you can pick-up Hockey Night in Canada.

Jason Copland said...

Hockey Night in Canada is great if you don't have to listen to Bob Cole and Harry Neal call the Toronto games... blech.

Kojee said...

Harry Potter? You like that stuff Todd? Well, if you like that, you should read this great comic called Tello....oh whoops.....

Sorry that's just my usual response to people that like fantasy. Gotta plug Tellos whenever I can!