Wednesday, January 31, 2007

perhapanauts pin-ups--derek fridolfs


first off, here are the answers to last week's "five on friday"...

1. what film featured tim allen as the washed-up star of a cult tv show?

galaxy quest

2. what was the name of the small green alien that visited bedrock from time to time? who did his voice?

the great gazoo, voiced by carol burnett regular, harvey korman

3. what were the names of the four aliens on "3rd rock from the sun"? and who played them?

the solomons were: dick (john lithgow), sally (kristen johnson), harry (french stewart), and tommy (joseph gordon levitt)

4. who designed the original alien in "alien"?

h.g. giger

5. what was "the fifth element"?

love, embodied in the perfect body of milla jojovich

check in on friday for the long-promised, highly anticipated movie quotes edition of "five on friday"!


side note: in response to brian's bid for perhapanauts booth boy employee of the year, i got an e-mail from megan who just isn't having it! she has mounted a campaign of her own, BOYCOTT ALL BOOTH BOYS! don't mess with supergirl, dude.

so, as craig and i (craig mostly) finish up putting the second chances trade together, it should be about time for us to spill about what great artists we were able to cajole (read: blackmail) into doing some pin-ups for us this time--and to premiere the awesome pin-ups we GOT!

just to tease you over the next week or so, here's the list of the talented friends that were kind enough to do our perhapanauts in their own inimitable styles! we can't thank these guys enough--but we'll try!

derek fridolfs -immortal iron fist, kidd bonzai and the bot
sean "cheeks" galloway -teen titans go!
jack lawrence -lions, tigers, and bears
ted mckeever -eddy current, batman: nosferatu, silent hill: dead/alive
jonboy meyers -ninja scroll, marvel age spider-man, marvel upper deck
david petersen -mouseguard
kelly yates -amber atoms, tellos, green arrow

we'll start with our pal, derek fridolfs, who has helped me out more times than i'd care to mention on so much tellos stuff! derek is an awesome inker and an awesome guy and does an awful lot to promote comics in his area. derek does programs and workshops with local schools and organizations and introduces kids to the fun and exciting world of comics!
as if that wasn't enough, last year, when we were putting the first trade together, derek sent in this fantastic pin-up which we, sadly, didn't have room for. it really broke our hearts not to be able to run it then.
but--ta da!--now we can really thank him by making it the first in the new pin-ups gallery in our second chances trade!
we love it!

thanks so much, derek!
you're the best, man!

well, i gotta go.
more on friday!
smell ya later!


Bill Nolan said...

Well, Brian has certainly stepped in it now... Boycott the Booth Boys! sounds like a great campaign I'm sure we can all support. [sorry, Brian!]

I always side with the young lady in the superhero costume, given the opportunity.

Brian said...


That is one heck of a pin-up line-up. Looking forward to seeing not only the art, but which charcter or characters everyone choose.

As for the Boycott the Booth Boy campaign, I believe that on this very blog I already have graciously conceded the job and title to the lovely and talented Ms. Megan anytime she is available.

To paraphrase the popular song, "You Don't Pull on Supergirl's Cape . . . and you don't mess around with Meg."

Jason Copland said...

Great list of pinup artists, Todd!