Saturday, June 09, 2007

headin' for HEROES!


i'll be heading down to ringo's on thursday, craig will meet us friday (after johnny's birthday party! the big 03! woo hoo!), scott and abby (and chris?) will be arriving on friday (with super exclusive limited editions of AFTER SCHOOL AGENT! woo hoo, again!). brian and bill arrive...thursday night? guys? yes? rico said he'd be there and rico never lies...and nick cardy told me this a.m. that he's gonna meet me for dinner on saturday no matter who gets in our way!

so WE'RE all gonna be there--is your name on the list?
hope so! : )
if not, send it in and i'll put you on with the rest of us!

every year when herosecon rolls around, i post a post talking about what a great show it is, how great shelton and all his crew are, how great the fans are, and how nice it is to be surrounded for one weekend by all my friends and so many people who just love comics!
i also go on about how heroes and the baltimore show in september are two of the very last holdouts--conventions dedicated to comics. all of the other shows seem to now be a multi-media platform for so many other forms of entertainment to showcase their stuff. and that's fine, sure--but i loves me my comics!

anyway, it's comin' and we're doing what we can to make it fun!
craig and i will be hawking the new second chances trade and we're planning on having our own little heroescon perhapanauts exclusive--our very first ('cause we're planning a bunch more...) PERHAPANAUTS ONE-PAGE, an exclusive and limited print of some crazy haps hi-jinks! in this first one, choopie offers some tips on how the make your summer more exciting. i'll have more info on this thing for ya on wednesday!

here are the answers to the
"five on friday"

1. what breed of dog is snoopy?

snoopy is a beagle

2. what was john wayne's real name?

marion young

3. who played the new becky on roseanne?

sarah chalke

4. what is the name of the island that moira mactaggert had her genetic research facility?

muir island

5. name five stretchable superheroes?

plastic man
mr. fantastic
elongated man
elastic lad
(several of) the metal men
elasti-girl (mrs. incredible)
(and if you want to count them...)
metamorpho and e-man!

gotta run and get things done today so that i can take off on thursday!
hope to see ya there!

smell ya later!


Bill Nolan said...

Yup, Brian and I should be there Thursday afternoon at some point. Brian wants to be there as early as possible to try to make it on to Josh Middleton's sketchlist. Do you think they'll let him stand at the door overnight?

Bill Nolan said...

Oh, and I wasn't around for the last four days because of our little family trip to Toronto, so I haven't had a chance to offer you my congratulations on your much happier relationship situation. It's great to hear that everything seems to be working out for you guys.

Scott Weinstein said...

Yay for Heroes. Yup, Abby and I will be there Friday. And Chris is flying in Friday night. He has to work Friday. (What a nerd.) So, stop by our booth.

Brian said...

Like Bill says, I'll be getting in on Thursday afternoon as well. I'd drop my bags off at the hotel and head straight for the line if I thought that would give me a shot at getting a Middleton this time out, but I don't think it will so I'll try to line up in a normal matter and just hope all those folks in front of me have Adam Hughes mania.

Who's up for dinner on Thursday night?

Colin said...

I, unfortunately, will not be able to make it this year. Stupid poverty...

Walt said...

Tell Nick Cardy he's my hero.

Pick a date and let's hang out.